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What To Consider Before Sending Bulk Mail

Bulk Postage

What To Consider Before Sending Bulk Mail

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Are you thinking about taking a bulk mailing route with your marketing campaign?

There are several factors you need to consider before sending out bulk mail, and we’ve listed everything you need to know below.

What can I send by bulk mail?

There are many options for items you can send through our handy bulk postage system to aid your marketing campaign.

Letters- You could send a standard enveloped letter to inform your customers of recent or upcoming changes to your business to keep them up to date with your company.

Postcards- Postcards are an efficient way to quickly grab a reader’s attention, making them an advantageous marketing technique for any business.

Catalogues- You can use a catalogue to showcase your full range of products to your customers in one handy piece of bulk mail.

Brochure- Brochures are just like catalogues but smaller! These are ideal for small business advertising like restaurant menus, Salon treatment lists etc.

Leaflets have many similarities to brochures; however, in general, leaflets are more informative and can be used by a political party to deliver their manifesto and their messages.

Prospectuses- The most common use of prospectuses is by universities to deliver their course lists but are also bulk mailed out by smaller training providers like adult education services.

Can size and volume limit my Bulk Mail?

Yes, there are limits and restrictions for the size and volume of the bulk mail you send to ensure the best discounts. The Royal Mail requires that:

Small Letters must be 240mm in length, 165mm wide, and 5mm in-depth, and you must send over 20,000 pieces to qualify for a bulk postage discount.

Large Letters are defined as 353mm in length, 250mm wide and 25mm in-depth, and you must send over 10,000 pieces to qualify for a bulk postage discount.

How to get the most out of your cost savings with Bulk Mail

  • Pre-sort your mail, by allowing us to pre-sort your data, we can take advantage of sorted mail discounts, allowing for a much more efficient and smooth delivery time.
  • Check your Data, and make sure that all the recipient’s information is accurate and correct. We understand how much you can save by cleansing your data and maximising ROI by filtering out poor data.
  • Use Pre-paid methods for stamping; it is much more cost-effective to send your bulk mail with us if you are currently franking your mail; 95% of our customers who contact us about bulk postage find that it is more cost-effective for us to complete the fulfilment (printing, enclosing and postage) than they currently pay for franking.
  • Try to send small, light items; by sending smaller items of bulk mail with little weight to them you can guarantee a larger discount on your bulk postage campaign.

Mailing Houses- The Most Successful Option

The best option for any business to get the most out of bulk postage services is to use a reputable mailing house like The Direct Mail Company. We can handle the majority of factors mentioned in this article in an efficient way that guarantees results, massively reducing your own labour costs and cutting the time it takes to launch your campaign.

Choosing us will offer you further discounts as we work with leading postage providers to get you the best bulk postage rates in the UK.

If you’re interested in how the Direct Mail Company can help your business launch your next bulk postage campaign, contact us today or call 0800 2533 843


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