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Wondering how leaflet distribution can amplify your marketing results? Cut through the noise with a targeted campaign that literally puts your message in the right hands.

From design to delivery, this guide covers the essentials to help you create a tactile connection with your audience. Learn the when, where, and how of leaflet distribution, and get actionable tips to increase response rates and track your campaign’s success.

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Key Takeaways

  • Successful leaflet distribution campaigns necessitate strategic planning, market research, impactful design, and perfect timing to gain maximum engagement and effectiveness.
  • Innovative technologies such as GPS tracking and advanced targeting techniques are revolutionizing leaflet distribution, enabling businesses to reach and measure engagement with their target audience effectively.
  • Cost-effectiveness in flyer campaigns can be achieved through strategic choices between shared or solus distribution and bundling printing with distribution services, often leading to more budget-friendly marketing strategies.


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We offer a complete leaflet delivery service, including printing and distribution. Some campaigns are tracked by GPS, which is more expensive.

Our standard rate includes an outsider company to conduct back-checking reports to ensure the leaflet distribution is completed to our 5* standards.

You can read about back checking on our FAQs.

We carry out letterbox marketing for many local authorities, the Highways Agency the NHS,

Colleges, Universities, Ikea, Guide Dogs UK, Howdens, Councils and many other small and large businesses.

Unaddressed mail is an excellent way for your brand to be seen and promote your offers.

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What makes a flyer drop successful?

Successfully launching a leaflet distribution campaign requires more than just a stack of flyers and a good arm. It involves careful planning, strategic targeting, and meticulous execution. From choosing the right campaign type to crafting an impactful design, and strategically timing your drops, every step is crucial in making your campaign a success.

Choosing the Right Leaflet Campaign

The first step to a successful leaflet distribution campaign is choosing the appropriate method to reach your audience. This could range from:

  • Door-to-door distribution
  • Business-to-business distribution
  • Shared distribution
  • Solus distribution

Choose the method that best suits your specific needs.

The success of your leaflet campaign hinges on reaching the right audience, and this is achieved through careful market research that ensures your leaflets end up in the right hands. With various distribution methods at your disposal, pick the one that aligns best with your campaign goals.

Designing for Impact

An impactful leaflet is one that:

  • Catches the eye
  • It is easy to read
  • Uses strategic design elements, such as vibrant visuals and attractive colour schemes, to enhance memorability and effectiveness
  • Presents information in a balanced and engaging manner to ensure readability

Remember, it’s not just about looking good. The information needs to be presented in a way that is visually appealing and easy to understand.

With the right leaflet design tools and templates, your leaflets can be both informative and visually appealing.

Timing and Scheduling Your Drop

When it comes to leaflet distribution, timing is everything. Strategic scheduling can maximize visibility and increase the chances of engagement. Thankfully, leaflet distribution campaigns offer customisable timing options, so you can choose the most opportune moments to reach your audience.

Whether aiming for increased foot traffic during sales or higher attendance at events, strategic timing can make all the difference.

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What is leaflet distribution?

Leaflet distribution is also known as flyer distribution, leaflet delivery, flyer delivery, door-to-door marketing or letterbox marketing. It is a direct marketing medium used to reach many homes at a low cost. Many large and small businesses, as well as Government bodies, use our leaflet distribution services regularly.

GPS Tracked leaflet delivery options

GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution

We can track the delivery using uniquely designed GPS route logging devices to give you peace of mind that your job has been fully delivered.

Leaflet delivery services such as ours are highly effective at targeting many homes and businesses and providing a high return on investment.

GPS tracking is only available in certain areas and does not apply to standard pricing.

At The Direct Mail Company, we have a fast turnaround time for all of your flyer drop requirements.

Whether you’re sending 5,000 or 100,000, our leading door-to-door distribution can handle it for you.

Please note that our minimum order is 5,000 items.

We also offer some of the lowest prices on print and bulk mail in the UK for leaflet campaigns.

Please ask us for a price on print or postcard marketing materials enquiring with the UK’s top-rated leafleting company.

How we are changing the leaflet distribution industry

Many business owners and marketing agencies know that the leaflet distribution campaigns industry perception has had a bad name over the years.

We are here to put an end to that sigma.

Our primary business has been direct mail, mailshots, and bulk postage. All addressed mail is delivered by Royal Mail.

We used to get asked if we provided leaflet distribution services, and yes, we did take on some jobs; however, we quickly realised that there were HUGE issues with the industry.

Where do we start?

We have all heard the stories of ‘i think they were all just thrown in the bin’ or ‘did they even deliver all of my flyers’!

This, in short, is quite quickly worked out why by doing some simple maths.

Let’s take the average minimum wage from 18 to 25+, which works out to be £7.18 per hour.

It takes around 10 hours to drop 1,000 leaflets (1 day’s work).

That is £71.80 per 1,000 leaflets, which only covers the staff’s wages if paid minimum wage.

Then we have a few other costs:

  • Van / Transport costs
  • Fuel costs
  • Delivery costs to get the flyers to the local warehouse
  • Overheads of the business such as rent, utilities, office staff, corporation tax, accountants fees, etc

Then they need also to make some profit, right?

So without having to add up the costs of the 5 bullet points plus extra, it’s clear that even before any of those extra costs are taken into account, that the MINIMUM you should be paying just to pay the delivery staff legally is £71.80 per 1,000 leaflets, plus VAT.

It doesn’t even matter if they say we will get ten staff delivering 10,000 leaflet drops in one day; they are all entitled to the same pay rate as you would if one person did 10,000 over ten days.

The above National Minimum Wage figures are solid facts and numbers; this is absolutely only demonstrated to show you that if you get offers for ‘cheap leaflet distribution’, you’re most likely not getting the full amount delivered, based on law, facts and figures.

Quite simply, this could be why many multinational corporations and Government bodies trust us as their number one distributor.

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Benefits of leaflet and flyer distribution

Contactless Leaflet Delivery

Door-to-door leaflet distribution, also known as door drop, is a powerful tool for local businesses. With the potential to stay in households for up to 17 days, direct mail significantly enhances your reach and engagement.

This is why it’s crucial to choose an experienced leaflet distribution service, such as Royal Mail Leaflet Distribution, that understands your target market.

These services often provide comprehensive solutions that handle everything from printing to planning and distribution, making the campaign process seamless for businesses. And with technology like GPS tracking, you can have peace of mind knowing your flyers are reaching their intended recipients.

Navigating Local Area Distribution

Local area distribution allows you to directly target customers in your vicinity, increasing the chances of engaging potential customers who are most likely to avail of your services or products. Leveraging local knowledge can make your leaflet delivery campaigns more effective, ensuring your marketing material reaches the suitable households.

Integrating GPS Tracking

In this digital age, technology plays a crucial role in leaflet distribution. Some key technologies that are used in leaflet distribution include:

  • GPS technology ensures that leaflets are actually delivered through letterboxes and allows clients to monitor the delivery of their marketing material in real time. Real-time GPS Data plays a pivotal role in enhancing transparency and control over leaflet distribution campaigns by providing live tracking information.
  • Efficient distributors who can ensure that leaflets are delivered accurately and on time
  • Measurable leaflet campaigns, which can provide data on the effectiveness of the distribution strategy

By utilising these technologies, businesses can ensure that their leaflet campaigns are effective and reach their target audience.

Cost-Effective Leaflet Distribution Solutions

Comparing shared vs. solus distribution for leafletsWhile leaflet distribution is a powerful marketing tool, it’s essential to consider cost-effectiveness. The leaflet distribution cost can vary based on the physical characteristics of the leaflet, such as weight and size, due to their impact on transportation and delivery.

Professional leaflet printing services can offer a more budget-friendly marketing strategy compared to digital advertising platforms, such as leaflet advertising, eliminating the need for costly printing equipment.

Shared vs. Solus Distribution

When considering cost-effectiveness, it’s worth looking into shared versus solus leaflet distribution. Shared distribution, where multiple flyers are delivered together, is a more budget-friendly choice. However, it might lead to less visibility due to the presence of other flyers.

On the other hand, solus distribution ensures your leaflet is delivered alone, increasing its visibility and the potential for the recipient’s exclusive attention.

Print and Distribute: Bundling Services

Bundling printing and distribution services can streamline your campaign operations and ensure all materials meet necessary delivery specifications. This approach can lead to cost-effective leaflet campaigns, especially with higher volume printing.

Leveraging Technology in Leaflet Campaigns

Technology is revolutionizing the way we carry out leaflet campaigns. From personalization to automated printing and delivery, technology is making leaflet campaigns more effective and efficient. Advanced mapping software enables businesses to target specific postcodes and addresses, maximizing the likelihood of reaching high-value audiences. And with the ability to monitor leaflet distribution in real-time through live GPS tracking, businesses can have more control over their campaigns. The integration of Advanced Targeting Techniques, powered by technology, allows for even more precise targeting, enhancing the effectiveness of leaflet distribution campaigns by focusing on the most relevant audiences.

Advanced Targeting Techniques

Advanced targeting techniques can significantly enhance the effectiveness of leaflet campaigns. With these techniques, businesses can:

  • Target specific neighbourhoods or high-opportunity postcodes, ensuring that their marketing material reaches the intended audience
  • Leverage technology to identify the exact number of potential dwellings for distribution within a chosen area, facilitating a data-driven approach to targeting
  • Scale these techniques and use them at a local level or even on national and international platforms.

Modern automation tools also facilitate streamlined campaign processes by enabling timely and accurate deliveries to targeted areas.

Real-Time GPS Data

Real-time GPS data plays a crucial role in the tracking and optimising leaflet distribution campaigns. Some benefits of real-time GPS tracking include:

  • Ensuring transparency and giving customers control over their campaigns
  • Allowing clients to view live GPS tracking of distributors
  • Providing the ability to monitor the progress of leaflet distribution anytime, anywhere
  • Accessible even on mobile devices

By utilizing real-time GPS tracking, businesses can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their GPS-tracked leaflet distribution campaigns.

This technology also enables:

  • Detailed reports of distributor movements
  • Job completion for accurate campaign monitoring
  • Backtracking as a quality control measure to ensure distribution quality.

Maximizing Response Rates Through Strategic Flyer Distribution

Strategic flyer distribution is critical to maximise your leaflet campaign’s effectiveness. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Incorporate discounts, coupons, or free items in flyers to attract new customers and improve response rates.
  2. Ensure your flyer has a clear message and compelling headlines to grab attention.
  3. Include a single call-to-action to facilitate higher conversion rates.

Following these tips can create a well-executed flyer campaign that yields positive results.

Opting for Solus leaflet distribution can increase customer engagement due to its higher visibility. Distributing flyers at strategic times and in high-foot-traffic locations can also significantly boost visibility and response rates.

Of course, an engaging content layout can prevent your flyers from being discarded, enhancing their marketing effectiveness.

The Importance of Follow-Up

Following up with potential customers after distributing flyers is crucial for converting leads into sales. Implementing a multi-drop strategy can improve brand presence and engagement. Altering messaging in subsequent drops can reinforce your message and encourage sales.

Analyzing Campaign Success

Analyzing the success of your leaflet distribution campaign is a crucial step in your marketing strategy. High consumer response rates and return on investment (ROI) are often used to measure campaign success. Technology enables measurable flyer and leaflet distribution campaigns that leverage insights into key performance indicators such as cost per acquisition and average redemption time.

You can also track campaign success by using unique codes or offers on your flyers to monitor customer engagement.

Tailored Printing Services for Your Leaflets

Professional leaflet printing can be a valuable investment with a high return. Not only are printed leaflets often remembered longer than online ads, but the right printing services can also enhance the impact of your leaflets.

These services, including Royal Mail, offer a range of paper types, weights, and finishes to suit your needs and preferences.

Selecting the Best Printing Options

Choosing the suitable printing options for your leaflets can significantly influence their effectiveness. Consider the following factors:

  • Paper weight: ranges from 90 gsm for broader distribution to a substantial 250 gsm for a premium feel.
  • Finish: options include glossy, silk, or uncoated, which can significantly influence reader engagement.
  • Size and shape: these factors play a pivotal role in how information is structured and perceived by your target audience.

Combining Design and Print

Combining design and print services can create a cohesive and professional leaflet campaign. This synergy shapes your brand’s identity and enhances the overall impact of your marketing campaign.

With print-ready artwork and downloadable templates, you can ensure high-quality print output and create precise, professional-looking printed leaflets.

Unique Service Offerings in Leaflet Distribution

Unique service offerings can set a company apart in the competitive leaflet distribution industry. Prioritising excellent customer service and high-quality distribution efforts can make a massive difference in the success of your campaign.

Innovative approaches to targeting, such as harnessing local insights into housing developments and changes, can also enhance the precision and success of bespoke leaflet distribution campaigns.

Consultation and Support

Consultation and support services, such as those provided by the Direct Marketing Association, are invaluable in creating and executing successful leaflet distribution campaigns. By discussing your unique marketing goals, ideas, objectives, and budget, these services can help tailor your campaign to your specific needs.

You can ensure a smooth and efficient campaign process with a dedicated account manager and additional services like design assistance and proof-of-delivery.

Ensuring Excellent Service

Ensuring excellent service is crucial in leaflet distribution services. This involves delivering efficient and effective flyer delivery, accommodating customer needs, and providing transparency and ease of management for clients.

Upholding principles of quality, reliability, and professional service is vital for delivering excellent customer service.

How much does leaflet distribution cost?


From choosing the right campaign and designing impactful leaflets to leveraging technology and ensuring excellent service, mastering leaflet distribution involves a lot of moving parts. But with the right strategy and tools, it can be a cost-effective and impactful way to reach your target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What factors should I consider when choosing a leaflet distribution campaign?

When choosing a leaflet distribution campaign, consider your business needs, target audience, and the most effective distribution method to reach them. This will help you create a successful campaign.

How can I make my leaflet design more impactful?

To make your leaflet design more impactful, incorporate vibrant visuals, attractive color schemes, and engaging content, while balancing the necessary information and visual elements for readability and engagement.

What is the benefit of GPS tracking in leaflet distribution?

The benefit of GPS tracking in leaflet distribution is that it ensures leaflets are actually delivered and allows clients to monitor the delivery in real-time, providing transparency and accountability.

How can I make my leaflet distribution more cost-effective?

To make your leaflet distribution more cost-effective, consider shared distribution to deliver multiple flyers together and bundle printing and distribution services to streamline your campaign and reduce costs. This will help you reach your target audience and minimize expenses.

How can I ensure excellent service in leaflet distribution?

To ensure excellent service in leaflet distribution, prioritize excellent customer service and high-quality distribution efforts. Innovative approaches to targeting and accommodating customer needs can also contribute to excellent service.

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