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Leaflet Distribution Campaigns and Delivery Services

Leaflet distribution and flyer delivery services as opposed to traditional addressed direct mail is a great way to send mass marketing campaigns at a low cost. You can reach a huge number of potential customers with blanket delivery of which we can target certain demographics and households that you choose.

We provide an end to end leaflet delivery service from design, print and campaign dispatch with GPS reporting on ALL campaigns available.

We carry out letterbox marketing for many local councils, the Highways Agency, NHS, MP’s and Government bodies and many local businesses in the UK. Sending unaddressed mailings are a cost-effective way to increase your brand exposure or showcase your promotions and offers.

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Leaflet distribution & leaflet delivery services – UK wide:

  • Leaflet Distribution
  • Flyer Distribution
  • Magazine Distribution
  • Brochure Distribution
  • Door to Door Distribution
  • Door Drops
  • Special Deliveries
  • Urgent Distribution Services
  • Council Distribution
  • Elections Distribution
  • COVID19 Distribution


You can advertise products or services by posting a range of print through the UK’s letterboxes at a lower cost than traditional addressed direct mail.

Also used by many councils, government bodies and Members of Parliament (MP’s) at election times for their campaigns and urgent messages. Many used leaflet distribution services for COVID19 to announce how they can help residents.

Why are we the best leaflet distribution company?

We are the UK’s fastest-growing direct marketing company who is trusted by the likes of Expedia, Trivago,, councils, Government bodies and local authorities for their leaflet campaign schedules to aid their other marketing channels.

We have the strictest flyer distribution service procedures in the UK.  We came into the UK flyer distribution market to put an end to the poor stigma that the leaflet delivery industry has had over the years. We have all heard of the stories, but with us, those stories don’t exist because we deliver time and time again.

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What is leaflet distribution?

Leaflet distribution is also known as flyer distribution, leaflet delivery, flyer delivery, door to door marketing or letterbox marketing. It is a direct marketing medium used to reach a large number of homes at a low cost. Many large and small businesses, as well as Government bodies, use leaflet distribution regularly.

GPS Tracked leaflet delivery Options

GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution

Using uniquely designed GPS route logging devices, we can track the delivery of your leaflet distribution to give you peace of mind that your job has been fully delivered. Leaflet delivery services such as ours are known to be highly effective at targeting a huge amount of homes and businesses and providing a high return on investment. GPS tracking is only available in certain areas and does not apply to standard pricing.

At The Direct Mail Company, we have a fast turnaround time for all of your leaflet distribution requirements.

Whether you’re sending 5,000 or 100,000 plus leaflets, we can take care of it for you with our leading door to door distribution. Please note that our minimum order for leaflet distribution is 5,000 items.

We also offer some of the lowest prices on print and bulk mail in the UK for any of your leaflet campaigns; please ask us for a price on print or postcard marketing materials on enquiring with the UK’s top-rated leafleting company.

How we are changing the leaflet distribution industry

Many business owners and marketing agencies know that the leaflet distribution campaigns industry perception has had a bad name over the years.

We are here to put an end to that sigma.

Our primary business has forever been direct mail, mailshots, and bulk postage, which is all addressed mail that is delivered by Royal Mail.

We used to get asked if we provided leaflet distribution campaigns and services, and yes, we did take on some jobs; however, we quickly realised that there were HUGE issues with the industry.

Where do we start?

Well, we have all heard the stories of ‘i think they were all just thrown in the bin’ or ‘did they even deliver all of my flyers’!

This, in short, is quite quickly worked out why by doing some simple maths.

Let’s take the average minimum wage from 18 to 25+, which works out to be £7.18 per hour.

It takes around 10 hours to drop 1,000 leaflets (1 day’s work).

That is £71.80 per 1,000 leaflets, which only covers the staff’s wages if paid minimum wage.

Then we have a few other costs:

  • Van / Transport costs
  • Fuel costs
  • Delivery costs to get the flyers to the local warehouse
  • Overheads of the business such as rent, utilities, office staff, corporation tax, accountants fees, etc

Then they need also to make some profit, right?

So without having to add up the costs of the 5 bullet points plus extra, it’s clear that even before any of those extra costs are taken into account, that the MINIMUM you should be paying just to pay the delivery staff legally is £71.80 per 1,000 leaflets, plus VAT.

It doesn’t even matter if they say we will get 10 staff delivering 10,000 leaflet drops in one day; they are all entitled to the same pay rate as you would if 1 person did 10,000 over 10 days.

The above National Minimum Wage figures are solid facts and numbers; this is absolutely only demonstrated to show you that if you get offers for ‘cheap leaflet distribution’, you’re most likely not getting the full amount delivered, based on law, facts and figures.

Quite simply, this could be why many multinational corporations and Government bodies trust us as their number one distributor for their leaflet distribution campaigns.

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Benefits of leaflet and flyer distribution

Contactless Leaflet Delivery

There is a wide range of reasons and benefits of using flyer distribution to make your leafleting campaign the best that it can be. Not just spot checks on flyer delivery campaigns but extras that we can provide to get you the best response rate and return on investment (ROI).

  • You can target certain postcodes and areas (minimum 5,000 per area)
  • Suits both small and large budgets
  • You do not need to have any data
  • It is not GDPR regulated as there is no customer data
  • We cover the whole of the UK (except Scottish Highlands)
  • We can print anything you require
  • We offer the best customer service
  • We can offer leaflet design services, please contact us for a price.

How much does leaflet distribution cost?

With us, our rates start at £87 per 1,000 leaflets plus VAT depending upon the size and weight of the printed material that you are looking to distribute through the UK’s letterboxes.

We use our trusted delivery staff and partners to deliver an honest and reliable service that’s trusted by thousands of businesses over the years we have been in operation. We like to provide peace of mind that your flyers or leaflets are printed and distributed to the surrounding areas that you choose on ordering.

Leaflet and printing services

Yes, we have some of the cheapest print and mail prices that you will find in the UK. What’s better, we don’t (and probably should!) put much margin on our print either which means that we can pass on the unbelievable prices that we get printed materials for.

Many previous clients have noted that we may be slightly higher in terms of price for the door drop distribution; however, with the savings on print, we were cheaper all around.

We can print up to several million quantities of the below:

  • Flyers & leaflets
  • Folded leaflets
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Business cards
  • Presentation folders

Whilst we can print pretty much anything, we can also use our mailing house facility to enclose items into envelopes if required which can be plain or printed full colour if required.

Design services for leaflet distribution

We tend not to get involved with the design too much as we specialise in printing and delivery services so it would be recommended that you use a local designer who can design print material for your leaflet design which will be used for your campaign.

Leaflet distribution with GPS tracking

GPS Tracked Leaflet Distribution

We have and still do provide GPS tracking with some of our leaflet deliveries services however there are too many issues that we have come across over the years to keep this service in place as standard.

Due to the large number of leaflet distributors we have in the UK, we can’t provide them with special tracking devices, so we use Map My Run. This is an app by the Worldwide brand Under Armour and tracks by GPS.

The issue we face with that is the fact that it is on all day so, within 5 hours, it can drain a smartphone battery. Also, if the signal is poor, which is surpassingly the case in many places in the UK, we can’t accurately track it.

Return on investment for leaflet letterbox marketing

The return on investment for flyer and leaflet letterbox marketing is said to be one of the best for any marketing channel, both digital and out of home marketing (OOH).

The return on investment is hard to understand as there are too many variables to take into account. For example, if you deliver 20,000 leaflets promoting a garden landscaping business in spring, then this will probably provide a better ROI than if you delivered 20,000 on 22nd December.

It does, however, if you get the right message to provide a fantastic return and much of this is due to the timing, message or offer and the look/design of the leaflet that’s put through the potential customer’s postbox.

Who uses leaflet delivery services?

leaflet distribution (letterbox)

Any business that is looking to promote their goods or services at a large scale and low cost use this advertising method as well as councils and Government bodies. Sometimes we get the odd personal customer too who might want to find their lost pet!

Estate agents are known to use leaflet deliveries regularly as they try to onboard new home sellers and get people interested in new properties in their local area. Charities and non-profit organisations are also well known to use blanket distributions and mail fulfilment services alike.

Leaflet distribution prices in the UK

Leaflet distribution prices are relatively inexpensive compared to other marketing mediums. Prices for flyer delivery services with us start from £87 per 1,000 leaflets along with a super quick lead time to boot. Not only do our prices include delivery by our trusted staff but you can be confident that you are using the largest leaflet delivery company in the UK.

We also don’t just offer low leaflet distributing prices, we are one of the cheapest companies to order printing from the UK. Contact us today for a price and full quote for your next campaign.

Before we answer that, remember hundreds of digital marketing sites, newspapers, magazines, Google paid search, social media and much more – however, there is only 1 letterbox.

How much does leaflet delivery cost?

To get a fast quotation for your next leaflet distribution campaign, please fill in your information below and let us know the volume you are looking to deliver and what you are delivering, e.g. A5 flyer, A4 brochure. If you would like a quote on the print for your flyers or leaflets (you really should consider seeing how cheap our print is!), let us know the print specifications, and we will get prices for your requirements.

The cost of leaflet distribution varies dependent on a range of specifications, so contact us today and get a fast price on your leaflet delivery services.

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