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Door Drop - Door to door distribution services UK wide

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Door drops & delivery services with national coverage

Our cost-effective door drop leaflet delivery services are popular with a range of businesses, councils, government bodies, and many more organisations that require high amounts of flyers or leaflets delivered to specific areas in the UK.

Business door drops used effectively to target customers are one of the best marketing campaigns possible to get the best response. Door drops are cost-effective due to the lower costs associated with such large-scale marketing.

If you are looking for door-to-door distribution solutions, we offer national coverage using some of the most trusted leaflet distribution teams available.

Who completes mail drops and door-to-door distribution?

We have a network of distributors around the UK that deliver door-to-door leaflets for us to your customers, that are all vetted, trusted, and long-term members of our team.

You can have peace of mind that your door drop delivery will go smooth and be completed by the best distributors we can find for the best response from customers possible.

Most of our mail drop distributors love the high amount of walking to keep on top of their fitness too.

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What is door to door distribution?

Doordrops are also known as door-to-door delivery, door-drop marketing, door-to-door distribution, and much more. Door drops are a form of mass marketing that targets customers through high volumes of letterboxes with unaddressed mail.

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How can i book a door drop delivery?

Organising a door to door distribution with The Direct Mail Company could not be easier. With low rates starting from £87 per 1,000 plus VAT, we can start delivering most campaigns within 7 days of your enquiry. This is due to our extensive network of trusted door drop delivery staff that we have around the UK.

We grew into door to door delivery services after being one of the best direct mail companies in the UK.

We rose through the ranks being one of the largest mailing houses, printing millions of addressed mailings per year and naturally grew into the door drop sector. We noticed many clients were unhappy with their existing leaflet delivery companies so we decided to change that.

Why not use Royal Mail door-to-door distribution?

Royal Mail offers door drop deliveries, however, it’s well known that there are some pretty severe drawbacks from using their services.

Firstly, their lead time all year round is at least 4-6 weeks. Too long! Our lead time is 7 days usually, but sometimes we can start within 5 days. That was the first thing we wanted to change and we have, by far.

Secondly, little know this, but they only deliver to homes that have mail on the specific day of the door drop. Sneaky eh! We endeavour to deliver to every property as per our specific briefs.

Lastly if the above isn’t enough to put you off then how about speaking to the same person when you call them? Like an account manager. There is nothing worse than getting through to different staff every time you call up to get progress.

We have had this first-hand and it’s incredibly frustrating. With us, you get one (amazing and friendly) account manager for the duration of your campaign and future working with us.

Printing for door to door distributions (door drops)

Due to the high volume of print, direct mail and door drops that we mail each week, we provide some of the cheapest printing prices that you can get in the UK. So much that we act as clients’ printers as they are super happy with our print quality and prices alike.

If you need printing for your door drop campaign then we can certainly help. It does help us out with the logistics if we can print as then there is less organisation required to fulfil your distribution.

We can print up to several million quantities of the below for door drops:

  • Flyers & leaflets
  • Folded leaflets
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Business cards
  • Presentation folders

If you require enclosing then we can enclose your mail into envelopes of any size in our mailing house. Likewise, we are seeing a huge demand for new and innovative mailing products such as paper wrap mailings which are taking over poly wrap mailings very quickly.

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