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Direct Mail Postcards

Sending direct mail postcards can provide a great return on investment for companies that are looking for cost-effective direct marketing campaigns.

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Postcard marketing has been utilised for many years with massive success in all sectors, such as the motor industry, retail, marketing agencies, and local small businesses. direct mail postcards

There are many ways to market to potential customers; however, direct mail postcards are proven to be one of the best forms of marketing. It provides a higher success rate than social media marketing and other types of online marketing due to the high levels of personalisation that can be utilised.

How do you send direct mail postcards?

By using a direct mail company such as ourselves, we can provide an end to end service of delivering data, printing, personalisation, and postage.

We can print and mail any direct mail postcard, not only in the UK but worldwide. Whether you are looking to send 500 or 500,000 plus postcards, we can help.

They can be used for new customer acquisition, re-marketing, sending to an existing client base, and offering discounts and rewards for friends and family. The only limit is your imagination.

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Benefits of sending direct mail postcards

There is a wide range of benefits of sending printed postcards that are personalised. They can be printed on a range of paper stocks and can feature some of the latest printing technology such as spot UV printing, soft-touch (velvet) lamination, matt lamination, and many more finishes. direct mail postcards

Direct mail postcards are usually sent without an envelope to stand out when they land at the recipient’s address. By making them stand out, they can have an immediate impact on the recipient.

You can grab the attention of the recipient of your postcards instantly and create a long-lasting impression. 78% of postcard marketing recipients keep the postcard for longer than eight months in their home or business in case they require the services that your company provides.

Another great benefit of using postcards for direct mail is that you can personalise not only the recipient’s address but also personalise all of it, even the front. This is done by printing the postcard through digital printing so that each postcard can be different from the next printout.

Sometimes e-commerce companies use direct mail postcard marketing when a customer leaves a product in their basket. Let’s say that they leave a Dyson hoover on Dyson could send a personalised postcard to that customer that includes a picture of the actual hoover that they left in the basket. They can create a unique QR code, and the customer could scan this with their smartphone camera and take them to their basket with that product in there.

There are no specific rules to what you can or can not do with sending postcards to your customers. You can send as little as 500, or if you have the budget, go for a heavyweight campaign and send it to 50,000.

Lastly, we finish with one of the most commonly used postcard marketing techniques, which are discount codes. Many offer discounts such as 10% off, and they provide unique codes to the customer, which can be traced back to profile customers in a very in-depth way.

Marketing campaigns using direct mail postcards

Many companies and marketing agencies use direct mail postcards for a range of reasons as bulleted below:

  • Special offers – Send discount offers such as mothers day or Black Friday
  • Reminders – Motor companies can use them for MOT renewals or car insurance companies as an example
  • New announcements – Shop openings, new company ownership
  • Order confirmations – New account setup, sending documents when a customer signs up

There are endless uses for marketing mail campaigns that use postcards and direct mail, contact us to discuss your next direct mail postcard marketing campaign, click here to get a quote.


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