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Direct Mail Returns Management

We send millions of personalised mail pieces per annum for both transactional and advertising mail.

Bespoke Returns Management

Returns Management

Whether you are a high-volume sender or mail out a few hundred pieces per month, it is recommended to have a returns procedure in place for many reasons. Firstly, you can cleanse your data with any returned mail pieces, as Royal Mail indicate why that mail piece did not get to the intended recipient.

Also, you can track who still needs to receive your mail, so if the customer asks why they have yet to receive their mail, you will know if it got returned or should have been delivered.

Expert Technology

We handle direct mail returns management in-house and utilise barcode technology to process returns quickly and efficiently; we need to know beforehand if you want us to process your returns.

If so, we will use barcodes, which are unique to each recipient, so if the mail is returned, we can scan the barcode, and all of their details can be quickly segmented in your original data file.

Returns Options

We have a range of options for returns, such as securely destroying items using our confidential waste facility, send back to the client, recycle, or in some cases, we can reuse depending on the mailing.


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