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Direct Mail Data Processing Services

Bespoke data processing services for direct mail

Ensure your data is the best it can be

Ensuring the data for your direct mail is the best it can be is crucial to the success of your campaign, yet it is often overlooked. But not at The Direct Mail Company.

We understand how much you can save by cleansing your data and filtering out poor data to maximise your ROI.

This can be done in several ways…

Mail Sortation for Royal Mail and DSA Providers

We can sort your data in a range of ways to comply with Royal Mail or Downstream Access companies (DSA).

For mailings over 4000 in volume, it is essential to sort data to take advantage of lower postal costs.

MPS Cleansing

It is important when sending direct mail to ensure that you are compliant with the MPS, but don’t worry.

We can ensure that your mailing data adheres to the Mailing Preference File.

 Gone Away Suppression

We can use our systems to cleanse your data of any addresses that are incomplete.

Our records will also show if the intended recipient has moved on from an address since you initially added their details.

Salutation Building and URN Assigning

We can provide services to assign salutations and give your direct mail a finishing touch.

Many recipients of direct mail are unhappy with mailings that have no salutation.

Additionally, it adds even more personalisation if you can include salutations within your mailing.


We can also arrange to complete URN assigning on your mailing, which is often used within direct mail campaigns, making it easier to map other namespaces into URN space.


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