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Due to the high volume of bulk mail we send we offer much lower postage costs than standard and franked bulk mail. Many companies take advantage these discounts by sending their bulk mail through us.

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Bulk Mail Postage Rates for Mass Mailings

Due to the high volume of mail we mail each year we get the lowest possible rates on bulk postage through 3rd party carriers such as Whistl, Citipost, and UK Mail. These companies complete the sortation for Royal Mail which is then injected straight into Royal Mail, meaning that Royal Mail have no sortation work to complete. This is how we can access lower postage rates than you will get from Mailmark franking, general franking and stamps. We make a little on it, and you get a cheaper rate than you would have if you had not Google’d bulk postage rates or mass mailing and found us!

Watch our 43 second video below explaining how simple our bulk postage service is and how it works:

Bulk Mail postage rates for 500+ items

If you currently frank your mail, we guarantee to be a cheaper.

We can arrange collections from your business – daily or weekly (500 minimum quantity each collection) so you can take advantage of our cheap postage rates. Unsorted volumes (below 4000 in one mailing) start at as little as £0.30 depending on the type of mailing. We offer one off collections also if you have over 500 letters, packets or parcels to post in one bulk mailing.

For volumes over 4000, we can pre-sort your data to take advantage of sorted bulk mail mass postage rates. This is simply us doing the mail sortation for Royal Mail, so due to them completing less work in sending the mail, we can pass the discounts to you.

It is much more cost effective to send your bulk mail via The Direct Mail Company if you are currently franking or using stamps. We can also offer expedited delivery via our partner Parcel 2 Go. Contact us today on 0808 156 0115 for pricing and to book a bulk mail postage collection with us.

Cheap Bulk Mailing Pricing

95% of our poatal customers who contact us about our bulk postage rates, find that it is more cost effective for us to complete the whole fulfilment, (printing, enclosing and postage), rather than frank their mail themselves in house. For example, an A4 letter enclosed in a C5 envelope, posted on a 2-3 day service, starts from just £0.34 per letter, depending on the postage discounts we can give you for sending sorted mail.

We take the stress out of sending direct mail. All we require from you is the data and artwork and we will do the rest, whilst keeping you informed at every step. Even sending bulk mailings we make simple – we just book a collection in on an agreed day and we collect your mail like a courier company would a parcel. Your post then goes back to your closest sorting depot for distribution into the postal system with Royal Mail always completing the final mile.

Many of our bulk mail clients find us from simply searching online for cheap Royal Mail letter postage costs as they are sending high volumes of mail. Saving just a few pence on bulk mail can add up to save you significant amounts of money. Our UK bulk postal costs are available for standard letters, large letters 0-100g, 101-250g and 251g+, packets and parcels. We also offer the cheapest international postage rates with a huge 90% of the world coverage.

We undoubtably are cheaper than Royal Mail and many other providers due to the high volumes of mail shots that we send each year from our mailing house. Contact us on 0808 156 0115 or use the form below to get a quick quotation for cheap postage. 

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Not only do we provide a range of bulk postage rates, we can also fulfil all or part of your mailing.

This means you can get on with your normal job and leave the technical bits and the time consuming work to us.

We provide direct mail fulfilment services from our Wakefield based, internal print and mailing house where we use the latest machinery and technology to ensure a seamless direct mail service. If you are looking for inspiration for a mailing campaign take a look at our recent blog on what is a mail shot.

Our success is simply down to providing a fantastic service and delivering our clients mail on time whilst providing the cheapest postal costs in the UK. We provide a wide range of postage solutions for eBay and Amazon sellers of which we have competitive postage costs for any online sellers. By using us for your cheap postage costs from our mail house you can be sure to get an excellent service and timely deliveries.

Call us today on 0808 156 0115 to enquire about bulk mail and bulk postage rates or contact us online.

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To take advantage of some of the UK’s cheapest postage rates please fill in your details below and one of our team will call you. If you would like further information or are unsure how much you will save on postage compare to Royal Mail.

We can offer the exact same post services as Royal Mail for letters, large letters, packets and parcels. You can use our postage rates for both UK and International mail. We also offer complete fulfilment if you are looking to outsource your direct mail.

For Parcels, Ebay and Amazon Sellers, visit our partner Parcel 2 Go:
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