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Alternatives to Royal Mail

Alternatives To Royal Mail For Letters, Large Letters and Small Parcels

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Alternatives To Royal Mail For Letters, Large Letters, Small Parcels

Please note that we only send mailings of 500 items and over. We do not send any volume under 500, E.G 1 letter or 50 letters

Looking for an alternative to Royal Mail? Look no further; we can help!

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If your business regularly posts letters, large letters, promotional materials and small parcels, you’ll have noticed the steady rise in postal costs.

As Royal Mail is no longer the de facto postage and courier service for the UK, there are many alternatives to Royal Mail for letters.

Here at The Direct Mail Company, we know that saving on postal costs for your direct mail campaigns benefits your business.

This article looks at the alternatives to Royal Mail for letters.

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What are the alternatives to Royal Mail for letters?

Here are the alternatives to Royal Mail for letters:

  • The Direct Mail Company (us)
  • UK Mail
  • Citipost Mail
  • Whistl
  • TNT
  • Digi-Mail

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Alternatives To Royal Mail For Letters (Standard 0-100g)

If you’re using Royal Mail to send your letters, packets or parcels, you need to be aware that they have set prices and will not offer discounts no matter how many letters you send. Outsourcing your letter postage to a mailing house means you can take advantage of their buying power.

Due to the high volume of mail we send out each year at The Direct Mail Company, we can offer our customers much lower postage costs than standard and frank bulk mail. Taking advantage of our buying power means we are a much more cost-effective alternative to Royal Mail.

It is much more cost effective to send your mail via The Direct Mail Company. We can arrange a one-off or daily collection from your business for your letters with no collection charge.

Taking advantage of our bulk postage discounts means you will save money on postage costs for your letters, large letters, packets and parcels.

We can also provide you with a recorded packet and parcel delivery service for UK and international deliveries at a low cost.

We struggle to get good rates on 1st class postage due to the next-day delivery of most 1st class postage. However, if you send over 4000 2nd class letters in one batch, we can save you significant money.

Every year postage prices are increased by Royal Mail, so customers come to us to reduce costs, and we are the number 1 alternative to Royal Mail in the UK.

Who is the best alternative for letters to Royal Mail?

Royal Mail is on thin ice with most business owners due to their rising postage costs and unpredictable service so it is wise to look for alternative solutions.

If your business is looking for a better way of sending letters and parcels, please contact The Direct Mail Company.

Here at The Direct Mail Company, we provide our clients with bulk postage rates that are cheaper than stamps, franking and Mailmark franking.

We can offer the best rates on postage for both the UK and international postage.

We can collect your mail from your business and post your letters, packets or parcels. We make our money as we pre-sort the mail that you send us, which we then hand over to Royal Mail to do the final delivery.

Simple, isn’t it!?

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Alternatives to Royal Mail for large letters

As well as standard letters, we can offer great savings on postage as an alternative to Royal mail for large letters. Large letters weights that we can send are the same as Royal Mail as below:

  • 1g – 100g Large Letter
  • 101g – 250g Large Letter
  • 251g – 500g Large Letter
  • 501g – 750g Large Letter

After the 750g Large Letter rate, the rates automatically go to small packet pricing, which can be seen below.

We are probably the only provider in the UK that can cater for same and next-day collections to post your large letters except for Royal Mail. The difference with us is that you get personalised service, and being a privately owned company, we care that your letters get delivered.

If you are looking for an alternate postal provider, please contact us today for a price. We offer both UK and international postage rates for large letters and are much cheaper than Royal Mail.

Alternatives to Royal Mail for small parcels

If you are looking to mail small parcels and want an alternate provider, then we are probably the best solution for this service.

We can offer same or next day collections for regular or one of small parcel postage services. Both options are completely untracked, similar to Royal Mail’s standard parcel postage rates. However, we can also offer to track your mail. Below are the small parcel alternatives to Royal Mail we offer:

  • Small parcel untracked postage
  • Small parcel partially tracked postage.
  • Small parcel tracked postage.
  • Small parcel tracked and signed for postage.

As you can see, we have a wide range of parcel postage services you can take advantage of.

The untracked service is the quickest and easiest as we collect the small parcels from your specified address and then proceed to frank and mail. If you are looking to track and/or get signed for services, then we would need to print the labels ourselves.

The above process works by you sending us your data file through a secure service such as, and then we would print the labels for you or us to put onto each parcel.

Either way, if you have a quantity of over 500 small, medium or large parcels to send, then we are sure to be able to help you save significant amounts of money compared to Royal Mail.

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Royal Mail alternative postal provider – How does it work?

Using us as a Royal Mail alternative gives you the best chance to save money on your postage. Below is a little information on how it works by using The Direct Mail Company and how we can save you money;

After collecting your mail from your chosen address, we then bring it back to one of our three sortation depots and mailing houses and sort your mail.

This is consolidated with our other mailings, which we send millions per annum, providing our clients with unbeatable postage prices.

Once the mail is sorted and consolidated, we then hand this over to Royal Mail, already pre-sorted. Because we pre-sort it for them, this is where they give us cheaper rates, which we then pass on to you.

The Royal Mail posties still deliver your mail, similar to leaflet distribution, but we take a large part of their work out of the equation.

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