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What to Look for In a Direct Mail Company

What to Look for In a Direct Mail Company

What to Look for In a Direct Mail Company

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Are you searching for a company to help you plan, create and mail a direct mail campaign or a blanket door drop?

We want to help make your selection process a little bit each.

Of course, we’d be honoured if you chose to work with us – The Direct Mail Company. But we also wanted to share the qualities that you should look for in a great mailing house.

You can read our trust pilot reviews to give you extra confidence.

Experience and Expertise

One of the main reasons you’re outsourcing your work is to enhance the entire print, mail and post-process a mailing house will provide an end to end service for this based on the experience and expertise they have developed over many years in the mailing house industry.

This experience is invaluable and is difficult for individuals in organisations to attain.  Mailing houses employ experienced staff in all related disciplines, such as design, print and fulfilment experts and postage consultants/strategists with wrap-around care provided by project and account managers.

Save Money

Another prime reason to outsource to a mailing house is to save money whilst retaining every other aspect of quality, dependability and reliability that customers would expect.

Working with a competitive mailing house which can offer you savings through bulk production, including bulk postage and lean, efficient systems and printers, is a great opportunity to save money on print costs.

You can save money on your postage by working with a mailing house; you can take advantage and achieve substantial savings on local and international postage through deals that mailing houses have with various mailing carriers.

Access to the Latest Equipment

All top-quality mailing houses will continually invest in the latest equipment. As the world of print and mailing constantly evolves, there are continuous technological breakthroughs.

All mailing houses must keep up with the latest technology and plan investments in new print and mailing equipment accordingly.

This continual approach will lead to innovative mailing solutions available at competitive prices from mailing houses.

Save Time

Time is precious to any business, and as all good business owners know, time is money, so saving time is always incredibly valuable.

Outsourcing to a mailing house means all organisations can focus on their own jobs, which will bring their own rewards and leave the mailing house with all its expertise to deliver print, mail and postage jobs on time with minimal effort.

Improved and Enhanced Data 

There can be consequences for using poor quality data for your mailing campaigns, such as falling foul of data protection laws, mailing went aways, mailing deceased people, sending duplicate mailings and using corrupted records etc.

Outsourcing to a top-quality mailing house will remove these data errors through a range of in-house data checks as well as cleansing external data with tools.

High-Quality Fulfilment

Most organisations that run their direct mail campaign in the house can struggle to manage some/all aspects of the mail fulfilment process.

There are many stages to mail fulfilment, for example, preparation, collation, folding, closing, bundling and packaging etc.

Outsourcing fulfilment saves customers considerable time and effort, especially as automating the fulfilment process requires heavy investment in print and mailing technology and process expertise.

Working With The Direct Mail Company as Your Mailing House  

At The Direct Mail Company, we take quality and customer service seriously and deliver all these qualities.

We aim to provide you with stress-free direct mail, allowing us to take control of your direct mail so that you can have confidence in a seamless service, with your mail printed, enclosed and delivered on time. Every time.

If you want to learn more about how the Direct Mail Company can help you with your campaign, please contact us at 0808 2533807 or for an enquiry.


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