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Bulk Postage Rates – Save Money with Mass Mail

Bulk Postage

Bulk Postage Rates – Save Money with Mass Mail

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Here at The Direct Mail Company, one of the very many services we offer is bulk postage rates.

Due to the large volume of mail, we send out each year means we can pass these discounts onto you and send out large quantities of your mail at a highly reduced rate, making us a more cost-effective solution for businesses across the country.

Direct mail is an effective marketing strategy that addresses your customers directly and personally hence why it brings a great return on investment for your business.

However, in some cases, if your direct mail campaign is planned poorly, then losses are inevitable. Due to the sheer cost of running a direct mail campaign, you often have to work to tight budgets and save money with bulk postage discounts.

Bulk Postage Rates Cheaper Than Franking

If you currently frank your mail, we are sure to be a more cost-effective solution. When you pre-sort your mass mail, ensure they are light, accurate, and of the right size, you will receive better discounts for your bulk mail.

What to Consider When Sending Your Mail in Bulk  

Here are our top tips to make sure you get the cheapest bulk postage rates for your mail:

Pre-sort your mail

If you pre-sort your mailings, then this saves the post office time and resources they would of use to do this. Therefore, they reward you with low-cost postage discounts for making their work easier. The best way to sort your mass mail is by postal code or sorting sequence that is preferred by the mailing carrier of preference.

Ensure addresses are accurate

Ensuring the addresses, you are sending the mail to are correct saves you mailing and stationery costs. It is crucial the details are clear, for example, if you state the right postal code, but the wrong street this wastes the post office staff time and resources delivering the mail to the wrong person. This is costly for you because you would have to compile and pay postage for another mail with the right address.

Correct Shaped Envelope  

Conventional and rectangular postage letters or parcel shapes tend to offer cheaper bulk postage discounts. However, when sending out a direct mail campaign using unusually shaped envelopes like triangles and stars can be a good marketing strategy, unusual shapes are charged extra pro-rata. If you’re using

Check the weight

Size really does matter when it comes to bulk postage discounts. The smaller the size of your letter or parcel, the lower the postage cost. If you’re working to a tight budget, it is essential that you write small, but an efficient marketing message.

Bulk Postage Rates from The Direct Mail Company

The Direct Mail Company can offer you great low bulk postage rates on your next direct mail campaign.

For further information on how we can help your business save on postage costs or if you would like a quote, please call us on 0808 2533 795 or contact us online.


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