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Cheap & Discounted Postage Rates For Mass Mail

Mass Mailing Services and Bulk Mail in the UK

We can offer you much lower postage costs for your mass mail than standard and franked mail

Expert Mass Mailing and Bulk Mail Solutions

Mass mailing, sometimes known as bulk mail, is a cost-effective way to spread the word about your product, service or event. Our mass mailing services are perfect for businesses that are looking to mail in bulk and take advantage of our low bulk postage rates.

We send millions of letters and mail items each year via Royal Mail, therefore, get the lowest possible rates on postage.

Take advantage of our postage savings, and we can arrange a collection from your business for your mass mail daily or weekly. For unsorted volumes of mail (below 4000 in one mailing) our prices start as little as £0.30 depending on the type of mailing.

For larger volumes of mail (over 4000 in one mailing), we can pre-sort your data. We will do the sortation for Royal Mail so, due to them completing less work in sending the mail, we pass the discount to you. You can take advantage of Mailmark services which enable us to really drive down the cost of your mailings.

If you currently use a franking machine to send your mail, it is a much more cost-effective solution to send your mail in one mass mailing.

Due to us having a full-service mailing house we can offer a wide range of direct mail solutions where we can print, enclose and post your mailing. We can mail in the UK or internationally from postcard marketing campaigns, simple A4 letters through to paper wrap and brochure mailings.

We also work with Royal Mail and other companies to offer a range of door drops and leaflet distribution services for clients who wish to really hit a high number of homes for your mass distribution. Email campaigns and other marketing channels can follow these up.

If you would like more information on how your business can save on bulk postage contact us on 0808 156 0115.

Mass Mail Discounts

The majority of our clients come to us to save money on their postage when they are sending out mass mailings as we are much cheaper than Royal Mail.

At The Direct Mail Company, we send out millions of mail pieces each year, and due to these high volumes, we can pass on these savings to you. We get such low postage rates as we complete the sortation for Royal Mail which means they have to do less and then we pass the savings on to you.

Royal Mail still completes the final mile delivery on all of our mailings, so you can be assured that you are in good hands throughout the process.

We work with the leading postage providers such as Royal Mail, Whistl (Formerly TNT mail) and Secured Mail depending on the service requested by our clients to get you the best mass mailing rates in the UK.

Here at The Direct Mail Company, we can provide you with mailing savings for a one-off or a regular job and daily mailings if required.
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Mass Mailing Services & Solutions

bulk postage rates

Here at The Direct Mail Company, not only do we provide our clients with a range of mass mailing discounts, but we can also fulfil all or part of your mailing so that our clients can get on with their job, leaving the time-consuming work to us.

All of our direct mail fulfilment services are done internally at our Wakefield-based mailing house. We invest heavily in the latest machinery and technology to provide seamless direct mail service.

Our success is simply down to providing a fantastic service and delivering our clients mail on time. We ensure your direct mail campaigns are delivered on time, every time using Royal Mail to deliver the final product. Call us today on 0808 156 0115 to enquire about mass mail and our bulk postage discounts. Alternatively, you can contact us online.

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