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What is Expedited Delivery and Shipping?

What is expedited shipping

What is Expedited Delivery and Shipping?

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What is expedited delivery and shipping?

The meaning of Expedited delivery or shipping is where a parcel, packet or consignment is delivered quicker than others which increases the delivery timescale and speed of that delivery.

Many courier companies have expedited delivery options for both in the UK and Worldwide courier and parcel deliveries. The term ‘expedited’ describes a faster delivery service than a standard service, such as a 3-day delivery that is standard for courier companies.

There are varying methods of delivery for expedited delivery services. These are:

All of the above are the fastest ways to send packets, parcels and consignments around the world.

What does expedited delivery mean for parcel and consignment deliveries?

According to the Collins Dictionary, expediting means: ‘to cause things to be done more quickly.’

Expedite comes from a Latin term and originally started as ‘expedite.’

Now the basics are covered and you know the meaning of expedited delivery, you can use these services and types of delivery to get your parcel or consignment delivered in a quicker time. Whether you are looking for same-day courier services, next-day or express delivery, then you will use this service.

This term encompasses all 3 of these quicker delivery options into a ‘bracket’ so you can opt for them depending on how fast you need your item delivered.

Is expedited delivery not the same as express delivery?

The difference between express and expedited delivery differs between companies. Some online shops, such as Amazon and eBay have options for both.

For example, Amazon has Prime delivery, which is the next day; however, their expedited delivery service is 1-3 days. This can get confusing as you would not expect expedited delivery to be three working days.

The reason for this is that they have to offer a range of timescales on some delivery services due to the worldwide delivery options that they offer.

Our partners who specialise in Parcel deliveries and consignments, Parcel 2 Go, simplify your delivery options. They have the next day, 2-day and 3+ day delivery options, removing complications and confusing jargon.

What are Amazon’s delivery options?

For online sellers, Amazon is THE platform to be on if you have products that will sell in bulk. They offer a wide range of delivery options for merchants, including expedited delivery options for faster delivery.

As we discussed earlier, the Amazon expedited shipping service is 1-3 days and is very popular for both Prime and non-prime members. Depending on the product and your location, you will be given your delivery options at checkout for your chosen products.

Please check beforehand what postage options you have before you purchase to see if their faster delivery service will be quick enough for you.

Amazon expedited delivery service is unavailable to deliver on Sundays or Bank Holidays. If you require a weekend delivery, you can use Parcel 2 Go, as they have a range of services.

Even quicker is Amazon Prime Now – this service offers deliveries in 2 hours; however, it is limited to certain products and in selected areas whilst they grow their network.

What should I consider when looking for a faster delivery option?

It is important to note that just because you have chosen an expedited delivery, you will only sometimes receive the item/s the next day. It still depends on the delivery terms of the particular company you are purchasing from.

For example, if a company’s standard delivery was five days, an expedited delivery option for them may be 2-3 days. Likewise, if another company has a standard delivery service of 3 days, their expedited service may be the next day.

You will need to check the delivery times of the company you want to purchase from.

Who offers Expedited delivery services?

This completely depends on the seller. Over the last ten years, companies have used faster delivery options as a point of difference from their competition. As the online market grows daily, more pressure is put on companies to offer various delivery options and, more importantly, expedited shipping.

There is a wide range of options available to consumers and businesses for the next day, same day and express deliveries. The leading comparison site, Parcel 2 Go, compares the leading courier and pallet delivery companies available for your shipment.

They offer varying delivery times for one-off packet or parcel deliveries to bulk uploads of daily orders for online and offline e-commerce, eBay and Amazon sellers. Give your customers a range of delivery and shipping options and cater for those who require their bulk postage in a hurry.

So, if you have a single parcel to send or are a business looking for expedited shipping for your business, click here to visit Parcel 2 Go and get a fixed online price for your next shipment.

Alternatively, if you require bulk postage for letters, visit our bulk postage page and use our calculator to compare savings against Royal Mail. We also offer a range of leaflet distribution services and direct mail services worldwide.


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