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Leaflet Distribution Price Guide

Leaflet distribution price guide for UK leaflet drops

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Leaflet distribution price guide for UK leaflet drops

So you are thinking about doing a leaflet drop and looking for how much it will set you back? This guide gives you every cost associated with leaflet distribution and prices you can expect to pay in the UK right now.

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What affects the price of leaflet distribution in the UK?

There is a wide range of factors that affect the cost you will pay for a door drop, of which we will itemise below and give some associated prices. All prices include delivery, but not VAT.

First of all, we need to understand the different types of drops that are available, these are listed below with prices:

  • Shared distribution – £40 per 1,000 flyers
  • Solus distribution – £99 per 1,000 flyers
  • Paired distribution – £65 per 1,000 flyers
  • GPS Tracked distribution – £149 per 1,000 flyers

These prices above demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of this excellent mass marketing medium used by many of the world’s largest organisations.

Below we take a look into each of the services in more detail to give you an idea of what you are getting for your money.

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Shared leaflet distribution price – £40 per 1,000 flyers and leaflets

A shared distribution is when you send your flyer or leaflet along with other companies. This is usually a maximum of 3 other leaflets (so 4 including yours) of which gets posted through the letterbox of the recipients.

Shared distributions are not really the best as many times you can get your flyers mixed in with others, which hits the floor in a home and gets lost. We usually see customers trying to save money by asking for shared drops, however, they usually do not provide a return on investment like a solus drop does.

As stated above, the price for shared distribution is £40 per 1000 flyers. This is for standard leaflet sizes, not A4 or A3 as these will be more expensive.

Our rating for shared distributing would be 3/10.

Solus leaflet distribution price – £99 per 1,000 flyers and leaflets

Solus distribution is by far the most common due to your flyer or leaflet being delivered on its own. There are no other leaflets to get mixed up with yours, so the recipient usually picks your leaflet up from their floor and either reads it or does not.

Our customers usually get better response rates with solus. Yes, the costs are higher but the leaflet distribution price ultimately is still cost-effective for the large scale marketing that you are carrying out.

You can have flexibility over the leaflet design and not have to worry about conflicting with other flyers.

As stated above, the price for solus distribution is £99 per 1000 flyers. This is not GPS tracked as this increases the leaflet distribution cost by around £12 per 1000. The minimum amount for solus drops is 5,000 in each area.

With solus, you have more flexibility on the specific streets that you want to be targeting whereas with shared you may be more restricted on the delivery locations.

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Paired leaflet distribution price- £65 per 1,000 flyers and leaflets

Paired distribution cost is £65 per 1,000 and is quite simple in that it is your flyer with one other flyer being delivered. It usually is businesses that are not connected to yours, so if you are a plumber in London, then you will not get another London plumber’s company delivering with yours.

Paired gives some cost-saving on solus but if you have the budget, we would highly recommend solus over paired.

The only advantage of paired is that you save money but we do not see much better results with pared than if you had the shared option.

GPS Tracked leaflet distribution cost – £149 per 1,000 flyers and leaflets

The cost of GPS tracked leaflet distribution is the highest of the services we provide which is down to a few reasons.

Firstly, due to the large number of trusted distributors that we have working for us, it’s expensive to roll our software to cope with our demanding GPS tracking requirements.

Secondly, we have to spend time downloading the data and extrapolate it for our clients. Sometimes we have 2 weeks’ worth of GPS data to download, from 10 distributors per day, so the admin that goes into a GPS campaign is quite significant.

Customers such as the NHS and councils like to opt for our GPS campaign options as they send several hundred thousand drops distributed at once. This service is backed up by GPS as the whole print costs can be very high alone.

We do not usually quote for GPS options unless the customer requests, but we can certainly do this is required. We also offer printing pricing, ideas on how to distribute free of charge and details on why we are reliable to deliver any printed paper requirements in a range of format options.

Leaflet campaign extras

When you book a leaflet campaign through us, you can be sure that we can add extras to your order such as:

  • Graphic design and artwork services
  • Campaign planning
  • Expert advice
  • Inside knowledge
  • The best prices and costs in the UK

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How to book a flyer distribution and get a quotation:

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