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What Is Bulk Postage?

Cheap Postage Rates

What Is Bulk Postage?

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What is bulk postage? It can be not very clear knowing what is meant by the term bulk mail postage.

If your business regularly sends out letters or direct mail campaigns, you’ll know that bulk postage is the single biggest area you can save money. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about bulk postage.

What is bulk postage?

Bulk postage is mailed and processed in bulk, as the name suggests, at reduced postage rates. Sending bulk mail means you can benefit from cheaper postage rates. Many businesses send bulk mail for advertising purposes.

What Are The Benefits of Bulk Postage?

  1. Cheaper costs – Costs and profits are always at the centre of the business, and the largest attraction for bulk mail is that it has a reduction in cost it brings with it.
  2. Reach a larger number of customers – Another benefit of bulk mail is that it gets to a much bigger number of customers as well. The savings you make would help you send more direct mail if you wanted.
  3. Reach the correct customers – Using a mailing house would mean that you can reach a larger audience. But you can also reach the right customers as well.
  4. Revenue generation – With bulk postage being cheaper than other forms of direct mail, it makes it more likely for you to save money and make an income.
  5. Timesaving – When running a company, you can mail everything yourself. But this would take a lot of time. Although mailing companies charge a fee, the time spent individually working on a large amount of mail could be spent improving other parts on the business you are running.
  6. Save your business money – Sending a large amount of mail will cost a lot when you’re paying for the full postage price. Bulk postage from a mailing company will save money. And they will give the best postage rates depending on the size of what you are sending.

Bulk Postage Rates From The Direct Mail Company

Here at The Direct Mail Company, not only do we provide our clients with the lowest ever bulk postage rates. We can also fulfil all or part of your mailing so, that you can get on with your job, leaving the time-consuming work to us.

All of our direct mail fulfilment services are done internally at our Wakefield-based mailing house. We invest heavily in the latest machinery and technology to provide seamless direct mail service.

Our success is simply down to providing a fantastic service and delivering our clients mail on time.

We ensure your direct mail campaigns are delivered on time, every time using Royal Mail to deliver the final product.

Call us today on 0808 2533 797 to enquire about mass mail and our bulk postage discounts. 

Alternatively, you can contact us online.


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