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The Perfect Mail Shot in 5 Simple Steps

The Perfect Mail Shot in 5 Simple Steps

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Big or small, flat or folded, there is no written rulebook on how your mailshot should look, but we’ve provided five simple steps to help you to make the most out of your campaign.

A strong campaign doesn’t necessarily require a huge budget or large numbers; it just needs some small measurements, careful planning and a lot of imagination, so follow our steps to make your campaign a knockout!

  1. Set Yourself Goals- How will you know if your Direct Mail campaign worked well?

Only achieving results and hitting the goals you set beforehand will define if your campaign was effective. It would help if you decided what you want to achieve from your mailshot- a majority of the time the target is increasing sales.

Still, it’s also used to gain sign-ups or the offer of a gift as a way of building an active marketing database for the company.

These goals will be used to measure the effectiveness of the content of your mailshot. If you set yourself a level of sales to achieve through your Direct Mail, you can use this to establish the return on investment of your campaign and compare this to alternative marketing spend.

  1. Keep Your Data Clean and Current- How will you guarantee responses and optimize your budget?

You will need to use a database to launch your MailShot, and the quality of this data is crucial, it could make or break your campaign. Make sure to use a Data Processing professional to regulate the quality of the data by removing duplicate addresses and ‘gone-aways’.

UK companies waste £18m a year by mailing deceased people, by taking the time to optimise your data, you can start to ensure that you’re not wasting postage or adversely affecting your response rates. You may need assistance in collecting data or in building an active mailing list of genuinely interested buyers.

  1. Make Your Offer Irresistible- How can you make your audience engage immediately?

You need to your audience an offer they cannot refuse- a mailshot is not about just posting existing brochures or leaflets that have already been circulating for a while.

It would help if you gave the customer a reason to act instantaneously after reading your offer; without this, your campaign is likely to go unnoticed. Keep it simple, and keep it direct, adapt your tone and language to your target audience to guarantee they will understand and want to respond.

  1. Keep Track of Your Campaign- How else can you measure your campaign’s success?

If you don’t track your campaign, there is no way of measuring if it has been effective and generated interest in your company. It is vital that some tracking is incorporated within your campaign, for example. Using unique email addresses, phone numbers or discount codes featured on the mailshot, so when they contact you through using one of these, the source can be traced to back to being from Direct Mail.

Make sure to test all of the links you publish on your mailshot before sending out the material and keep an eye on the responses.

  1. ­­­­Show your Creative Flare- How will your mailshot stand out from the rest of the post?

A campaign using direct mail gives you the perfect opportunity to think outside the box- everything must be considered from the packaging you put it into the vibe and look of the overall campaign.

It is a great chance to build up your brand image with your audience and develop an emotional connection to your target consumer. If you struggle with design, you can use experienced design agencies who can offer you their assistance and Direct Mail Specialists who can also offer advice to guarantee the success of the campaign.

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