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Do You Need Consent To Send Direct Mail Campaigns

What Does GDPR Mean For Direct Mail Campaigns?

Do You Need Consent To Send Direct Mail Campaigns

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Do you need consent to send direct mail campaigns?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is, “Do you need consent to send direct mail campaigns?”. With the recent General Data Protection Regulation

Do You Need Consent To Send Direct Mail Campaigns?

A direct mail campaign does not require the same consent as other marketing, such as email marketing. If your company can show that your campaign is in the legitimate interest of the people you are targeting, the need for consent to send the mail disappears.

This is unlike email marketing, where the consent of the recipient is required to send the campaign.

Direct mail provides companies with an opportunity to communicate with potential customers and reach out to new and valuable customers.

What does GDPR mean for direct mail campaigns?

The Direct Mail Company

Do I Need The Recipient’s Consent To Send Direct Mail?

A business can send direct mail and can do so if the recipient has a legitimate interest. They do not need to record consent from the mail recipient.

It would help if you made sure that the use of the data is valid, the mail has minimal impact on the recipient’s privacy and is expected by the client and that they won’t be surprised to receive the mail.

Sending A Direct Mail Campaign Using The Direct Mail Company

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