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  • October 26, 2022

How frequent leaflet distribution

How frequent leaflet distribution

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How frequently should you run leaflet campaigns?

This article examines the frequency of leaflet distribution, also known as a leaflet campaign of leaflet marketing.

The components within this guide have cost-effective marketing information and reach a target audience to grow your business.

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As with all marketing and advertising methods, leaflet and flyer distribution can achieve the best results when multiple campaigns exist.

Leaflets delivered reinforce your brand and offer a better product or service to target customers.

For a moment, let’s not get too involved in your marketing campaign and think about the first time you saw a new product or brand.

Your brain will initially store the logo or product in passive memory. Then, your brain will retain the emblem and product more clearly as you frequently encounter it.

Advertising works best when it has the influence it creates. This passive seduction will lead to buying decisions and, more importantly, advertising.

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Multiple Leaflet Drops or Subsequent – Remember That Memory

There is no hard and fast rule about how often you should distribute leaflets for a successful campaign.

However, your sole purpose is to reinforce your initial marketing materials awareness of your product and help remember the logo, whether it is a local restaurant, a new hairdresser opening or a regular gym offer.

An effective marketing tool should be memorable.

Put into context. Consider the context. Campaign 1 generated an x% response rate. Campaign 2 will likely generate x%. Plus, Campaign 3 is likely to get x%.

The second leaflet distribution campaign typically produces proportionately more results than the first. The leaflet will likely stay in the home for several weeks and be shared with others.

This could increase the likelihood that recipients will become potential customers.

You can measure the effectiveness of each campaign by ensuring you have the tools to do so, such as different discount codes or reference numbers. Two factors will influence the success of leaflet distribution:

  • Reach Who should your leaflet be shown to? Who is your target area or target market? – Refine and target the right audience and target numbers
  • Frequency – How to continue to expose your products and companies to your targeted audience with the same leafleting campaign.

Many factors can influence the frequency of your leaflet campaigns, including:

  • Seasonality– The yearly peak is affected by weather and other calendar events
  • Competition Are your competitors aggressively campaigning within your catchment area?
  • Your own KPIs and Budget –how big is your budget, and how many people do you want to show your brand to?
  • For a significant door drop, a professional design of leaflets is with full colour; eye-catching is critical. Some companies may even use a professional photographer for the artwork. Great leaflet design will increase the response rate of new customers and help grow your business.

There are many options and no set rules for running leaflet advertising campaigns; door drops.

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