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Leaflet distribution Leeds

Leaflet distribution Leeds

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Leaflet distribution in Leeds and the surrounding areas

Would you like to shout about your business throughout Leeds? 

Our leaflet distribution company and door distribution service could be what you are looking for.

One of the most cost-effective ways to spread the word about your business is by reliable service, leaflet distribution service.

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Leeds leaflet distribution services

Whether you have a bakery, beauty salon, cafe, estate agent, travel agent or even a landscape gardening company, door distribution, also known as blanket door drops or flyer distribution services, can be the fastest way to spread the word getting your name out about throughout Leeds.

We deliver flyers and leaflets in Leeds, UK.

Royal Mail has proven that over 90% of people read mail drops and leaflet delivery through their letterboxes.

Research also shows that 8 out of 10 households are happy to have business advertising mail through the door as a flyer delivery.

Over 600,000 people live throughout Leeds. So imagine how much a door to door distribution, and leaflet delivery could grow your business if you do the maths. You can target areas and have a bespoke campaign with door-to-door flyer distribution.

By dropping us an email with the postcode areas and your target audience for your leaflet distribution in Leeds, whether it be 18 to 22-year-olds or over 60’s you would like to target, we can do you a house count and book your leaflet distribution, door to door throughout Leeds within minutes.

It is guaranteed leaflet distribution, also known as door-to-door, will spread the word about your business.

We can also quote to do the print for you.

This way, you would send your artwork, and the rest we would do for you.

This way, you can continue focusing on your business while we focus on growing your business with door-to-door service.

Leeds Printing Services

As we mentioned above, we can complete printing your leaflets for you.

We offer a variety of quality paper; whether you would like 120gsm or 200 gsm, silk or matt, we offer this.

If you would like to go with the most popular option, an A5 double-sided leaflet, or you would like a six-sided folded brochure, the choice is yours.

We would organise the print for your Leeds leaflet distribution and then hand it over to our regularly used teams, who will begin your leaflet drop throughout your chosen postcode areas based in and around the Leeds area.

If you’d like to find out more about our printing options, please email us, and we’ll reply within minutes.

Leeds Prices for Leaflet Distribution 

The cost of your leaflet distribution in Leeds could vary for several reasons. 

How many households would you like to target?

Would you happen to need our printing service?

How many leaflets would you need printed?

Could you let me know which specifications you need for the printing?

We charge £99 per 1,000 leaflets plus VAT.

How do we work out our price for leaflet distribution in Leeds

The average minimum wage from 18 to 22 is £9.18 per hour.

It takes one person around 10 hours to drop 1,000 leaflets (1 day’s work).

That is £99 per 1,000 leaflets

Other costs:

  • Van / Transport costs
  • Fuel costs
  • Delivery costs to get the flyers to the local warehouse
  • Overheads of the business such as rent, utilities, office staff, corporation tax, accountants fees, etc

Whether we have ten staff delivering 10,000 leaflet drops in one day in Leeds or Bristol, for example, they are all entitled to the same pay rate as you would if one person did 10,000 over ten days.

The above shows cheap leaflet distribution.

Based on law, facts and figures, you’re likely not to have the total amount of leaflets delivered.

One of the many reasons why many multinational corporations and Government bodies trust The Direct Mail Company as their number one distributor for their leaflet distribution campaigns.


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