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How To Run A Direct Mail Campaign

How to run a direct mail campaign

How To Run A Direct Mail Campaign

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How to run a direct mail campaign?

Direct mail campaigns are becoming increasingly popular since the GDPR came into place in May 2018, proving that direct mail is on the rise again with many organisations recognising the benefits of sending targeted direct mailshots.

In this article, we show you how to run a direct mail campaign.

How To Run A Direct Mail Campaign

Running a direct mail campaign can bring a healthy ROI for many small businesses. Keep reading to find out how to run a direct mail campaign:

  1. Set Targets & Objectives For The Campaign -Before you dive straight into planning your direct mail campaign, think about what you actually want to achieve from it. For example, if your campaign is to increases sales of a new product, you’re going to want to tailor your campaign with this in mind to ensure the message is clear to the recipient.
  2. Create A Mailing List – Based on the targets and objectives look at your existing database and think about which customers will be best to send the campaign to that are likely to help you achieve your objectives these will be who you send the campaign to. Targeting your message to those who are most likely to respond will avoid wastage and increase response rates.
  3. Design Your Mail Shot – When it comes to designing your mailshot, think about what you want it to achieve. Do you want to send letters, postcards, flyers or brochures to your mailing list to increase sales? Postcard marketing is a smart strategy to promote your business, product, service or event. Make sure the design of your mailshot catches the recipients attention as soon as it goes through their letterbox.
  4. Write A Clear Message – Make sure the message is clear, simple and to the point. You don’t want to confuse your recipients with unnecessary content. The offer needs to be clear to the recipient.
  5. Include a Powerful Call-to-Action – The main purpose of most direct mail campaigns is to get the recipient to take action. Include a powerful call-to-action in your campaign to ensure your recipients will take you up on your offer.
  6. When’s Best To Send Your CampaignWhat day of the week is best to send out direct mail? You’ve invested a lot of money in your direct mail campaign you don’t want to send it out on any random day. You want to make sure campaign lands on a day where recipients are more likely to respond. The best days to send your campaign are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  7. Track The Success Of Your Campaign – It’s a good idea to measure and analyse the results of the campaign to track how successful it was. By tracking its success, you can see how close you were to the original targets and objectives.

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