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How To Improve Direct Mail Response Rates

10 Benefits Of Sending A MailShot

How To Improve Direct Mail Response Rates

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Direct mail campaigns are one of the most effective ways to engage consumers.

When investing in a direct mail campaign, you want to do everything you can to increase your response rate and maximise the ROI.

This article highlights eight tips to improve your direct mail response rates.

How To Improve Direct Mail Response Rates?

Are you looking for ways to increase your response rates from your direct mail campaigns?

We have compiled a useful list of the 8 top tips to improve your direct mail response rates.

8 Tips To Improve Your Direct Mail Response Rates

Here are The Direct Mail Company’s 8 tips to improve your direct mail response rates:

  1. Cleanse and Segment your Mailing List –  Data cleansing is vital for successful direct mail. Cleansing your data ensures it is the best it can be. The better the data, the easier it will be to reach your audience and maximise your return on investment. Looking at your database and segmenting your mailing list into groups is a great way to increase response rates for direct mail. It means you can send out direct mail to relevant recipients, which is more likely to generate a response.
  2. Personalise the Mail – Sending a personalised direct mail campaign will increase response rates by over 30%! The simplest form of personalisation is addressing the direct mail to the recipient. However, you can include personalised content, for example, product recommendations based on buying habits. This will make the recipient feel more valued and more likely to respond.
  3. Use a Professional Design – The direct mail campaign you send out represents your business. Ensure your campaign’s design is professional, enticing the recipient to open and read the mailshot.
  4. Define a Clear Offer and Call to Action – You need to decide what you want your mailshot to achieve. Once you’ve decided on your goal, you need to align this with your offer and call to action. For example, if you want to increase sales, you might include a discount code to use on your website or in-store, which will encourage customers to purchase from you.
  5. Could you tell the Recipient What they want to Know? Make sure your marketing message is clear and to the point. If the recipient is taking the time to read your message, please tell them what they want to know.
  6. Integrate your Direct Mail into a Bigger Marketing Campaign – Integrating your direct mail campaign with other marketing activities can significantly improve your response rate.
  7. Be Original – Make sure your direct mail campaign is unique and stands out. If your mailshot stands out from the rest of the post in the recipient’s mailbox, they will likely open your item.
  8. Send Follow-up Direct Mail Pieces

The Direct Mail Company – A Professional Mailing House

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These companies complete the sortation for Royal Mail, meaning they have no sortation work to complete. This is how we can access lower postage rates.

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