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Direct Mail Glossary – Common Direct Mail Terms and Jargon

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Direct Mail Glossary – Common Direct Mail Terms and Jargon

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Are you thinking about sending your first-ever direct mail campaign?

There are a lot of complicated terms used in the mailing industry.

Here at The Direct Mail Company, we thought we would make things easier by putting together a Direct Mail Glossary filled with the common terms and jargon you might hear.

Direct Mail Glossary – Common Direct Mail Terms and Jargon

Here’s our list of the most common direct mail terms and jargon:

Bleed – After trimming the artwork, the bleed ensures that no unprinted edges are in the final trimmed document. The bleed is usually 3mm.

BRE (Business Reply Envelope) – Business reply envelopes are often used in marketing campaigns where the recipient needs to return a reply or order form. They are particularly popular with Charity based direct mail campaigns requesting donations.

Bulk Mail – Bulk mail involves sending large volumes to different addresses, mainly for marketing purposes.

CTA (Call to Action) – The part of the message which informs the recipient to respond and provides an easy method to do so.

Carrier Sheet – The sheet with the recipient’s address printed. Often used in polythene mailings.

CMYK – A colour model used to describe the printing process. CMYK refers to the four inks used in some colour printing: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black).

Crop Marks – Also known as trim marks, these refer to the lines printed in the corners of artwork to indicate where to trim the paper.

Cleansing  Data – This involves removing or correcting records from a database.

Conversion Rate – The percentage of enquiries that have resulted in a sale.

Cost Per Piece – The total cost of a mailing divided by the number of items being mailed.

CSV – The excel file type that databases need to be saved as so, the data can be mail merged.

Database – Collection of personal information about customers or prospects.

Direct Mail – A method of marketing which involves sending a physical piece of promotional material through the post to a group of customers or prospects

Direct Marketing – Form of advertising where companies deliver physical marketing materials to a group of customers or targeted prospects about a product or service they are offering.

Digital Print –  This refers to printing from an image sent directly to the printer using digital files, for example, PDFs. Often used for small personalised print runs.

Demographics – Statistical information about groups of people. For example, gender, age, education, income etc.

Duplex  – Printing on both sides of a piece of paper.

DSA – Stands for Downstream Access. Mailing services provided by a competitor to Royal Mail, for example, Whistl, Citipost and UKMail, sort the mail and then hand it back to Royal Mail to deliver.

Enclosing – Inserting printed materials into an envelope.

Fulfilment – The stages required to prepare the direct mail campaign for the collection.

Gummed Envelope – A type of envelope that a machine can process.

Gsm – Stands for Grams per Square Meter. This is a measurement of the paperweight. The higher the gsm number, the heavier the paper.

Indicia – The preprinted mark in the upper right corner of a piece of mail indicates postage has been paid.

Ink-Jet Printing – The process of Mono or Colour Ink being “sprayed” onto a piece of paper. This is commonly used for printing addresses on an envelope.

Litho Printing – A method of printing which uses metal plates. This is the preferred method of printing when producing large print runs.

Lead Generation – Identifying potential customers for future marketing efforts.

Lifetime Value – This predicts how much net profit a customer will likely generate during their relationship with a company.

Mail Mark – A 2D barcode that carries machine-readable information to track and sort the mail.

MailShot – A term used for a direct marketing communication method where businesses contact a large group of customers and prospects through the post.

Mail Merge – Creating personalised address labels, letters or documents with data from a database.

Mailing House – A company that prepares and organises large-scale dispatch of letters, packets and parcels.

Mono – Printing in black.

PDF Proofs – A portable document format that gives the client an idea of what the finished print should look like.

Poly Wrapping – Clear wrap which can be used to enclose a mailing

Postage – How much it costs to send letters or parcels by post?

Retention – The efforts a company makes to keep customers or clients from going to competitors.

Return Address – The address to mail will be delivered if the mail is undelivered to the recipient.

Return Management – This involves what is done with the returned mail. For example, securely destroying items using the confidential waste facility, sending them back to the client or recycling.

ROI – Stands for Return on Investment, this measures the performance of a direct mail campaign. It measures the return on an investment relative to the investment’s cost.

Salutation – Part of the letter addresses the reader, such as “Dear valued customers” or “Dear John.”

Segmentation – Collating customers and prospects into small groups based on demographics or buying patterns, for example.

Seed – The mailshot sent to the address of the purchaser of the direct mail campaign to test the landing data and quality of the marketing campaign.

Simplex – Printed onto a single side of the paper.

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