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What is Paper Wrap Mailing?

What is Paper Wrap Mailing?

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What is Paper Wrap Mailing? 🗞

You are eagerly awaiting your magazine subscription, It slips through the letterbox wrapped in plastic. You know it’s not environmentally friendly, and so does the publication.

All the plastic-wrapped magazines in the wrapping lines add up to hundreds of thousands of single-use plastics floating around the world.

But what materials realistically can change that?

What is durable, easy to recycle, and green all around?

“Paper Wrap”. 

Firstly, let’s talk a little about Poly Wrap before the friendly alternative Paper Wrap Solution.

Poly Wrap, Mailing and the Environment: 🌍

The publishing industry comes under fire for continuing to use a poly wrap to handing their mailing needs. In general store sales in some cases too. This shows the importance of sending your mail eco friendly from your chosen mailing house.

Single-use plastics aren’t just an issue for the oceans and endanger the lives of thousands of species, but they are an eyesore too.

While there are biodegradable options, when compared with the speed at which paper can be recycled, it is evident than paper wrap mailing packs is the superior option.

LDPE poly wrap is commonly used, but the issue is that many councils don’t accept such light ‘plastic’ in their recycling programmes, and it often ends up in the household waste.

There are some restrictive rules when it comes to recycling plastics in the UK in general.

In fact, there are 39 different systems. Another reason people often put these types of plastics in their household waste. 

So replacing poly wrapping is in the best interest of both the business using them and the environment. 

What About Paper Wrap? 🔖

The first things that are really important to know are that paper wrap mailing packages are 100% recyclable. It is less harmful to the planet than plastic poly wrap too.

Paper wrap is gaining popularity in the publishing and commercial arena – and rightfully so. Paper wrap is machine-readable, and it qualifies for Royal Mail services – including the Mailmark.

It should be noted that both poly wrap and starch-based wraps don’t meet those requirements. When it comes to brand awareness, you have more options and more customisation with paper wrap. 

Larger organisations like the National Trust, Wildfowl & Wetland, RSPB, have moved to starch-based alternatives and more recently BBC Countryfile and BBC wildlife have all made the switch to paper wrap.

Publishers which are more aligned with decreasing their impact on the environment. 

Other Alternatives? 🥔

There are other alternatives to poly wrapping, but none of them are as robust and useful to both business, consumer and environmentally friendly. 

The biodegradable starch-based film, more commonly referred to a PLAs are typically made from potato or corn starch. While these are a viable option, they aren’t the cheapest for the business. It is double the cost of LDPE plastic and isn’t eligible for the Royal Mail MailMark service. 

Naked mailing is an option where mailing is sent as an unwrapped item. While in theory, this option may sound ideal, it means that publications can no longer carry third-party advertisements.

Third-party advertisement is a crucial player in how publications and magazines are able to keep a relatively low price for their customers.

Meaning that while naked mailing solves one problem, the price increase would create other issues. Another issue would arise when the publications and magazines go into the postal system.

There is a high chance it would end up damaged or worse for wear. While a small amount of ‘rough handling’ may be accepted by some customers, in adverse weather conditions, this could be disastrous for any mail pieces. 

The Real Business Benefits 📮

Robust 👨‍🏭

When making the switch from the poly wrap, one of the main concerns is that paper doesn’t sound all that robust.

Actually, the paper wrap is very robust and can stand the occasional rough handling of the postal service.

Meaning your magazine, or publication will arrive in a presentable and engaging manner from the direct mailing house

Royal Mail’s Mailmark Service 🏤

One of the most financially beneficial things is that paper wrap is easier to sort and process, and therefore subject to much cheaper mail sorting options to get cheap postage rates.

When you are delivering hundreds of thousands of publications or magazines every penny of postage counts. 

Sustainable Product 🌐

While some companies like to use sustainable as a buzz-word, if you are using a paper wrap, you are actually genuinely using sustainable material.

While the poly wrap is less easy to recycle, the paper wrap is easy to recycle and in many cases compostable too.

This sustainable life cycle will help you in your company’s efforts to become more sustainable. Social Media has been a big part in sustainability with many eco campaigns on Facebook for example.

Brand Awareness ⬆

If you have the opportunity to cement your brand awareness, you should always take it.

While poly wrap might keep everything in the bag, paper wrap presents the opportunity to take advantage of extra design and message space.

Paper wrap is, of course, able to accommodate any design that you should require, so long as the postal requirements are met.

Intricate designs, displaying your social media and other information, exclusive artwork, or a design that matches the publication or magazine are all possible. 

Customers 👨‍🎓 👩‍🎓

People no longer want to see single-use plastics, plastic toys and other things with their magazines or publication mailshots.

There are many groups both online and off that are dedicated to educating people to the issues with things like poly wrap, bubble wrap and other plastic-based mailing items.

Which means: “If you intend to move with the times, and hold on to your eco-savvy readers than paper wrap is going to be essential”.

Economic Considerations ♳

We are seeing more changes for business and even supermarkets that are still using single-use plastics.

The carrier bag charge was directly passed to the customer, and it is likely the charge for plastic packaging will follow suit.

The cost and availability of paper pulp is something that paper wrap providers will be at the mercy of.

Eyes of the Consumer 👀

The end product that is delivered to a consumer should always be something that they want to continue to purchase.

Getting it right in terms of cost, eco-friendly, easy to recycle and meeting the standards that people expect comes down to one thing: 

“Paper wrap mailing is the future of sending high-quality, brand-aware, well designed and sustainable magazines and publications”. 

Are you looking for a Paper Wrap Quote? 🤓💻☎

The Direct Mail Company can help with your query by giving you advice on different options and prices to become environmentally friendly and ensure you are up to date with the latest Paper Wrap Solutions. We are the perfect alternative to Royal Mail for any mailings as they only provide postal services.


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