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Bulk Mail Postage Rates

Bulk Postage

Bulk Mail Postage Rates

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If you’re currently franking your bulk mail you’ll know that is quite a costly and time consuming process. Here at The Direct Mail Company, we offer bulk postage rates to help cut the costs down for your business.

When stamps and franking your bulk mail becomes impractical, you need a better solution to send your mail in bulk.

At The Direct Mail Company, we specialise in bulk postage discounts ensuring you achieve the lowest postal costs for your UK and International mailings. Just because we offer low bulk postage rates doesn’t mean we compromise on quality.

Low Cost Bulk Postage Rates

If you regularly send direct mail you’ll know postage is the single biggest area you can save money on your bulk mail.

Here’s a few reasons why you should take advantage of our cheap bulk postage rates:

  • Low Minimum Collection Volume. Don’t worry you don’t need to send thousands of letters to receive our discounts. Our minimum collection volume is just 250 items. This volume is enough to give you substantial savings when compared to franking and stamp prices.
  • Storage. If you have a mailing campaign that you want to send periodically, then you can use The Direct Mail Company to store your mailings which we will send as and when you wish.
  • Full Service Capabilities. If at any stage you decide you would like us to complete your direct mail fulfilment in house then we will be ready to take this onboard for you.
  • Excellent Service. Many times our customers have told us that we are excellent and provide an outstanding service.

For more facts and benefits read our 22 Benefits Of Our Cheap Bulk Postage Rates.

Bulk Postage Rates from The Direct Mail Company

If you currently frank your bulk mail we are a much more cost effective solution to send your mail. Due to the high volumes of mail we send each year means we can offer much lower postage costs than standard and franked bulk mail.

We provide direct mail fulfilment services from our Wakefield based mailing house. For more information on our bulk postage rates please call us on 0808 2533 797 or contact us online with your enquiry.


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