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About Our Charity Direct Mail Fulfilment Service

Charity Direct Mail Fulfilment Service

About Our Charity Direct Mail Fulfilment Service

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Direct mail is an essential marketing technique for charities looking to improve brand awareness and increase donations successfully.

Charity direct mail fulfilment service allows you to deliver your message and brand straight into the hands of prospects and customers.

A charity direct mail campaign will speak to your audience directly and generate an emotional response.

Including visual content in your mailshot will highlight the importance of your charity’s goals and raise donations for great causes.

In this article, we look at our charity direct mail fulfilment service...

Charity Direct Mail Fulfilment Service

Here at The Direct Mail Company, we understand that charities can struggle with financial pressure and limited resources for marketing which is why we offer charity direct mail fulfilment service at an affordable price.

We will work with you to help you choose the most cost-effective and dynamic direct mail solutions for your requirements.

Personalising your direct mail campaign makes the recipient feel more valued than a blanket door drop with no personalisation.

We want to personalise your campaign for increased ROI and response rates.

Direct mail can be used to build lasting relationships with charity donors. Developing regular communications with potential donors by keeping them updated and informed of relevant causes and how their donations have been invested.

Charity Direct Mail Fulfilment Service -The Direct Mail Company

The Direct Mail Company is a UK-based mailing house specialising in transactional and advertising direct mail fulfilment.

We can provide full campaign management whether you require 500 or 500,000 mail pieces fulfilling.

Along with providing great print and mail solutions at an affordable price, we also offer bulk postage rates for mass mailings of 500+ items.

We are undoubtedly cheaper than Royal Mail and many other providers due to the high volumes of mail we send each year.

We also offer blanket door drops if you are looking for a cost-effective way of reaching a large audience.

To enquire about our Charity Direct Mail Fulfilment Service, please call us on 0808 2533 852 or email with your request.


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