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Creating A Successful Mailshot Campaign

Alternatives To Royal Mail For Letters

Creating A Successful Mailshot Campaign

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Mailshot campaigns have been used for many years as a cost-effective way of easily contacting customers at an affordable price. There is a long history of successful direct mailshot campaigns.

This article highlights how you can create a successful direct mailshot campaign.

Creating A Successful Mailshot Campaign

Using a mailshot to write to your customers and prospects is an effective way to promote your business, product, service, sale or event.

For years marketers have seen direct mail as an outdated channel for contacting consumers, but it is still one of the best options to send promotions and offers directly into the hands of consumers.

What Is A Mailshot

What is a mailshot?

A mailshot is a term used for a direct marketing communication method. Businesses contact a large group of customers and prospects via post.

Typical mail shot formats are letters and postcards.

Tips When Sending A Mailshot Campaign

Here are The Direct Mail Company’s 5 tips when creating a successful mailshot campaign:

  1. Eye-Catching Headings – Start the mailshot with eye-catching headings which grab the recipient’s attention from the start
  2. Interesting Content – Don’t waste your audience’s time by sending a confusing marketing message. If someone is willing to give you a chance by reading your material, make sure the content is as interesting as possible
  3. Clear Call To Action – Make sure it is clear to the reader what you would like them to do; then they are more likely to take action
  4. Include Incentives – Including special offers and vouchers in the campaign which are only available through the mailshot, will entice the reader to take action
  5. Include Contact Details – Although it sounds obvious, remember to include all your contact details so the recipient knows where they can contact you. If applicable to your business, you would like to include: a website, telephone number, business address, email address and social media profiles.

Sending A Mailshot Campaign With The Direct Mail Company

The Direct Mail Company is a professional mailing house offering 5* customer service, which you can see on our trust pilot reviews.

We specialise in the UK and International mail fulfilment for various small and large organisations in the UK and overseas.

We provide an end-to-end service taking the hassle out of direct mail by providing you with clear pricing, a dedicated account manager and your mail delivered on time, every time. We would like to let you know that we aim to reply to your emails within minutes.

Our services include printing, mail fulfilment, leaflet distribution and bulk postage rates.

By taking advantage of our bulk postage rates, you will save a significant amount on postage costs.

Due to the high volume of mail we send out each year; we will get you the lowest possible rates on bulk postage using DSA providers, including Whistl, Citipost and UKMail.

These companies complete the sortation for Royal Mail which is how we achieve the lowest postage rates.

If you’re looking for a blanket door, direct mail or bulk postage, we can help with advising on which would suit your marketing idea best. We offer cheaper but quality print and cheaper postage rates. Postcard mailing is one of our most popular as the receiver doesn’t have to open an envelope they can see exactly what has come through the letterbox. Letters in envelopes are classed as a more formal mailing.

For more information on our direct mail fulfilment services, please call us on 0808 156 0115 or email with your enquiry.


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