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5 Direct Mail Letter Examples

5 Direct Mail Letter Examples

5 Direct Mail Letter Examples

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A direct mail letter is extremely important when promoting a product or service, so we’ve listed five examples your business could try.

What Are 5 Direct Mail Letter Examples?

The direct mail letter your business sends out needs to be both engaging and persuasive.

Below are five direct mail letter examples:

  • Sales letter
  • Descriptive product
  • Fundraising
  • General cover letter
  • Special offers

5 Direct Mail Letter Examples

Sales Letter 

Sales letters are one of the most effective direct mail formats to send to your mailing lists. They often perform better than direct mail materials such as brochures and postcards. Sales letters are also more cost-effective because there are no design fees.

Descriptive product 

Create a compelling descriptive product letter for your recipients by writing enthusiastically about your product or service. Make a conscious effort not to send a boring direct mail campaign instead of delighting your recipients with your description.

Here are seven tips for writing a descriptive product letter: 

  1. Focus on your ideal customer
  2. Define your tone of voice
  3. Make sure the letter is scannable.
  4. Identify the benefits
  5. Use superlatives
  6. Appeal to your reader’s needs and imagination
  7. Could you keep it brief but informative?


When sending out fundraising direct mail letters, you need to ensure the content is engaging for the reader.

Here are five tips for writing an effective fundraising letter: 

  1. Personalise the letter appropriately.
  2. Thank the recipient for their continuous support
  3. Tell a heartwarming story.
  4. Inform the recipient how donating will help benefit the charity.
  5. Could you ask the recipient for something specific?

General cover letter 

A general cover letter is essential in direct mail campaigns. Whenever your business is sending out printed literature, including a cover letter, should always be part of the direct marketing mix.

Special offers

Including special offers in your letters is a great way to get in touch with the recipient. Please make sure the offer appeals to your mailing list by making sure it’s relevant, compelling and expires soon.

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