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How to Integrate Direct Mail With Social Media in 2022

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How to Integrate Direct Mail With Social Media in 2022

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Direct mail and social media can work extremely well together when used correctly.

When combining these advertising mediums to get the best return on investment (ROI), there are many things to consider.

Social media is a huge part of people’s lives in the 20th century, and this post will give you some insight into how they can work effectively in the best possible way.

Millions daily across the world use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and many more. Integrating these into your marketing strategy in this digital age is beneficial.

Direct mail for any direct marketing campaign is again rising since email marketing took over around 2009. However, the effectiveness of email marketing has declined.

Postcard marketing to a physical address, mailshots and general advertising direct mail campaigns can be used alongside social media. Facebook ads using QR codes are quite common, as well as using a landing page to generate valuable insights and leads.

Social media marketing and mail marketing are commonly used by car dealerships such as Toyota and Ford. Instagram is used for influencers advertising clothing, beauty products and much more.

Digital marketers ensure that customers engage with both advertising mediums in this exciting digital age.

Is it worth integrating social media and direct mail?

Yes, certainly! Let us look at some of the ways that this can be done.

First, you’ll need to examine your campaign and understand your goals. This could be lead generation, store visits and much more. The message that you are sending is ideally linear throughout the campaign.

I think that the recipients being able to link the two campaigns is essential. You can do this by using similar banding and artwork for both campaigns.

We recently nailed a cross-media campaign for The Bridging Loan Company, utilising social media and direct mail effectively.

They were promoting Halifax bridging loans to UK residents who were looking for finance and mailed to these on social media enquiry.

How to measure the success?

By using unique identifiers such as promo codes for online stores, you can measure how many people use these codes. This works well as it is quick and easy to set up a special code for your direct mail campaign.

If you are driving potential customers to your shop, ask the clients who come into your shop how they heard about you. Please make sure that you take note of these so you can measure the success of your mailshot marketing.

If you need help on how to create a mailshot, then our blog article will help you.

Sometimes our clients wish to print and enclose their direct mail, so if you would like to do this, we can collect your mail and post it for you. Our bulk postage rates are some of the best in the world.

Can you target the same audience for both advertising campaigns?

It is quite simple to ensure that you are targeting the same clients in most cases. You can upload your list of direct mail recipients into social media, which may find the email contacts. Alternatively, if you are a local business and posted your mailshot locally, you may set your social media to a local radius.

Some things to think about when creating your campaign:

  • Carefully plan and define your objectives – look carefully at your target message and audience and plan around those.
  • Who are your ideal customer and target market?
  • Is your design and creation of your direct mail and social media campaign up to scratch?
  • Offer – Is your offer enough to engage your potential audience? Will this offer entice them to buy from you?
  • Capture – The information that you are sending your potential customers, is this capturing their interests or needs?
  • Who will be in charge of campaign reporting on completion?

How much should I spend on a test campaign?

It is always best to start small, find out what works, and build on that. If you send a direct mail campaign with our mailing house, it would be ideal for sending to 2000 to 4000 recipients and then use a similar spend to your direct mail campaign on social media.


Direct mail and social media work well as long as you are clear on the areas above. If you get the right message and offer to your ideal clients, then you are on the way to success.

If you require any help with a direct mail shot, then contact us today.

The Direct Mail Company are a leading UK mailing house that can mail both in the UK and internationally.


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