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Direct Mail For Car Manufacturers and Dealerships

Advantages & Disadvantages of direct mail

Direct Mail For Car Manufacturers and Dealerships

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Automotive is a fast-moving industry. There are constant changes in regulations for car manufacturers and dealerships.

This article highlights direct mail services for car manufacturers and dealerships.

Direct Mail Services For Car Manufacturers and Dealerships

The automotive industry requires direct mail services to cover the full lifecycle of the car.

For example, direct mail services for car manufacturers and dealerships are critical at the launch of a new car as you need to make the biggest possible impact on your audience.

You can send a high-quality flyer or brochure package to your audience.

Car dealerships may choose to send service notifications to car owners.

Car owners may forget a service or MOT, which will mean a loss of revenue for the dealership’s garage.

Here at The Direct Mail Company, we can help car manufacturers and dealerships communicate with postcards and letters to owners so; they come back to you again and again.

Car manufacturers may need to send out safety recalls which are vital they reach buyers quickly and effectively.

Direct mail is the best option when there are product and safety recalls on a car.

Even if you have an email address, there is no guarantee it will reach the owner. Often, they can go into junk.

With a direct mail letter, you can communicate effectively and explain what action needs to be taken.

Car dealerships want to sell as many cars as possible each month. Car manufacturers can support their network of dealerships with promotions sent directly to homes.

Car dealerships may send mailshots to promote test drive days, competitions, and special events.

Bulk Postage Rates For Car Manufacturers and Dealerships

We also offer bulk postage rates for car manufacturers and dealerships.

If your car dealership sends more than 500 letters a week, then we guarantee to be a cheaper alternative to stamps, franking and mail mark franking. Due to the high volume of mail we send each year.

We can access the lowest postage rates for bulk mail by using third-party carriers such as Whistl, Citipost and UKMail.

These companies complete the sortation work, injected straight into Royal Mail, meaning they have no sortation work to complete.

This is how we get the lowest bulk postage rates.

Professional Mailing Services For Car Manufacturers and Dealerships

The Direct Mail Company is a professional mailing house that offers 5* customer service and aims to reply to your email within minutes.

We specialise in the UK and International mail fulfilment for various small and large businesses.

If you’re looking to build your brand and personally connect with your customers, then direct mail marketing is an effective method.

We can manage the complete fulfilment of your campaign from print to mailing. You would send over your artwork in PDF and data in excel, and we would do the rest. Once you are happy with the digital proofs, we will begin printing and posting, allowing Royal Mail to complete the final mile. We can mail throughout the UK and Internationally.

For more information on our mailing services, please call us on 0808 156 0115 or email with your requirement.


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