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Save Money On Your Postage

Save Money On Your Postage

Save Money On Your Postage

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If your business regularly sends out letters or direct mail campaigns, you’ll know that postage is the single biggest area you can save money on your bulk mail.

In this article, we show you How to save money on postage.

How To Save Money On Postage?

If you’re currently stamping and franking your bulk mail, you’ll know that it’s a time-consuming and costly process; when it becomes impractical, you need a better solution to send your mail.

Here at The Direct Mail Company, we ensure our bulk postage discounts mean you achieve the lowest postal costs for your UK and International mailings.

Save Money With Bulk Postage Rates

How to save money on postage?

If your business is looking at sending more than 500 letters in one go, we can help you save money on postage.

Fill in the quotation form below with your requirements, and one of our sales team will get back to you with a quote within minutes.

See how much you could save on your postage today!

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Please ensure all enquires read our terms of sale before enquiring.
  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • We are specialists in mail fulfilment, all we require from you is the template and data file (or we can help with this) and we would do the printing, enclosing & postage.

Bulk Postages Rates from The Direct Mail Company

The Direct Mail Company is a professional mailing house that offers 5* customer service.

We specialise in offering our clients cheap bulk postage rates on their mailings.

If you currently stamp or frank your mail, we guarantee to be cheaper, making us a great alternative to Royal Mail for letters.

Due to the high volume of mail, we send out each year, we can get the lowest possible rates on bulk postage by using 3rd party carriers such as Citipost, Whistl and UK Mail.

These companies complete the sortation for Royal Mail, so they have no sortation work to complete. This is how we can access lower postage rates than franking and stamping your mail.

If you have more than 500+ items you want to mail we can guarantee you cheap bulk postage rates.

It is much more cost effective to send your mail in bulk taking advantage of The Direct Mail Company’s cheap postage rates.

Whether you have a one-off mailing or you would like a daily or weekly collections from your address for your mail we can help you save money on your postage.

We have a same-day courier who can collect your mail and bring it directly. We are happy to apply addresses for you and the cheaper postage indicia. If you apply your own addresses, please be sure to follow the below steps:

Bulk Postage. Bulk postage collections must adhere to the below specifications. Failure to do so could incur additional postage charges: 

  1. Addresses must be machine-readable. This includes font type must be generic and not handwritten, italic or bold. 2. Postcodes must be uppercase. There are no exceptions. This includes all characters of the postcode. 3. Each line of the address must be on a separate line with the postcode, the final line in the address. 4. The address must not be infringed 5. We reserve the right to pass on charges when the client has declared the wrong mail specification. Please get in touch with your account manager if you have any queries or are unsure if your mail is machine-readable.
  • Address labels should be applied straight with less than 5% skew. 
  • No blank lines between address lines.
  • Other than the postcode (which must be upper case), all other address files must be titled cased.
  • No serif fonts should be used; these are fonts that have small lines, strokes or tails. Arial, OCR, Calibri, Tahoma or Verdana are good.
  • It is generally better to print the address directly to the envelope.
  • Character spacing – there should be a fixed pitch of between 10 and 12 characters per inch (or between 10 and 12 point size), with clear vertical gaps of at least 0.25mm between the extremities of adjacent characters. 
  • Line spacing – allow uniform spacing between all lines of the address of at least.
  • No punctuation is permitted, except for job titles
  • So that you know, addresses need to be left justified.
  • The line spacing of the block of text must be a minimum of 1mm and no more than 4mm.
  • There should be a white clear zone of 5mm all around the address.
  • The mailpack must pass an S test; card back or ridged envelopes cannot be machine processed.

For more information on our bulk postage rates, please get in touch with us at 0808 2533 916 or email


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