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22 Benefits of Bulk Postage Rates

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Here are 22 benefits of our cheap bulk postage rates:


This blog about our cheap bulk postage rates can help any businesses that send high volumes of mail that are enclosed by hand or even using small enclosing machines, as the costs can mount up quickly without realising.

For example, paper, envelopes other supplies will not be purchased in bulk, and when labour and postage are added, it can be quite costly.

Here at The Direct Mail Company, we provide complete fulfilment, whether it is for 500 invoices or 500,000 letters. Still, we do appreciate that many businesses like to complete fulfilment in the house for various reasons.

This is where you can take advantage of our cheap bulk postage rates.

How does it work?

Once you know the total volume, size and weight of your postage, you can call us or email for a price and possible collection date. We then collect the mail from you on an agreed date, then post on the agreed service. Below are 22 facts and benefits of using a mailing house for your bulk postage needs.

1.  UK wide collections

We can collect your mail from any UK address and mail in the UK and Internationally. We use a range of postal providers so we can get you the best rates.

2. Low minimum collection volume

Our minimum collection volume is just 250 items. This gives us enough in the job for us to benefit from your business but also gives you substantial savings when comparing to franking and stamp prices.

3. Discounts

Due to the high volume of mail that we send at our Wakefield-based mailing house, not far from Leeds, we get some of the lowest prices available in the mailing industry. The more we mail, the cheaper our prices are, and we are currently at the lowest prices possible.

4. Let us do the work

Many companies have to take bulk mailings to their local post office or depot as a business-post is for up to 50 items usually. Our drivers will come to your business to collect the mail, so all you have to do is get the post ready, and we will do the rest.

5. Reduce billing complexity

If your bulk postage mailings are ad-hoc, you can get an accurate forecast when mailing separate to your normal mailing account.

6. Speed

We are extremely experienced with bulk postage, so when your mail lands at our depot, we know exactly what to do with it in super quick time. Whether you are sending 250 or 10,000 items, with our cheap bulk postage rates, you will be sure to save both time and money.

7. Full-service capabilities

If at any stage you decide that you would like us to complete your direct mail fulfilment in-house then we will be ready to take this work onboard for you. Additionally, if you have been sending your first few mailings with us, we will know what you are sending and can get started immediately.

8. Account Managing

Any company that uses us for our cheap bulk postage rates will get a dedicated account manager that will help you make your collections as easy as possible. This includes booking collections in for next day or posts dated collections.

9. Storage

If you have a mailing campaign that you wish to send periodically, you can use The Direct Mail Company to store your mailings of which we will send as and when you wish. With monthly invoicing, this can be a refreshing solution for many businesses.

10. Pre-Sort Mailings

Sometimes we may be able to pre-sort your mailings so that you may be able to get further discounts on your cheap bulk postage rates. We can pre-sort the mailing for Royal Mail so we can get discounts as they do less work when we hand over the mail.

11. No stamp and envelope licking

Yes, that’s right, your staff will no longer have to lick all of those envelopes and stamps and go home with a funny taste in their mouth!

12. Address Cleansing

We can work with you to ensure that your data files are cleansed and also adhere to the Mail Preference Service or MPS. This is for people who have chosen not to receive mail from unsolicited sources. We can also work with data files to append data. Here if you have certain parts of a recipient’s address, but require the full address, we can append the remainder to the records. This ensures that you get the most from our cheap bulk postages rates and send mail that will land.

13. Online booking

If you are a regular bulk mailing customer, then we can set you up an online ordering system where you can book your own collections in with us. We give you a unique URL so that you can log in and book collections in up to a year in advance. Contact us for further information.

14. Full online ordering system

If you wish to let us do the complete fulfilment of your advertising or transactional mailings, we can set up an online ordering system where you will see set products along with agreed prices with your account manager. You can create as many mailings as you wish each week and even pay using our secure Paypal gateway unless a credit account has been created.

15. White label solutions

If you are an agency or PR company, you might want to offer our services to your clients but with no mention of our name. That’s fine; we never brand our mailings so every mailing will look like it has come straight from you, the sender. We offer savings when hitting different volumes for both cheap bulk postage rates and complete direct mail fulfilment.

16. Latest technology

Here at The Direct Mail Company, we use the latest technology and machinery so you can be sure that you bulk postage is processed using fast machine-readable scanners. We can process standard letters right through to e-commerce bulk postage mailings and fulfilment.

17. E-Commerce bulk postage

Our e-commerce bulk postage rates are some of the lowest you will find. Due to the huge volume of direct mail we process, whether that is letters, packets or parcels, we are sure to have the cheapest bulk postage rates. We can fulfil orders for e-commerce stores, or if you fulfil in-house, then we can arrange daily postal collections from your specified location/s.

18. Bulk parcels cheap bulk postage rates

If you regularly send high volumes of parcels, then we are sure to be able to save you money with our cheap bulk postage rates for parcels. We offer a range of services with this product such as labelling and presorting mail which is the two most popular options. Many Amazon and eBay sellers use our bulk parcels postage services as we are much cheaper than the usual go-to postal suppliers.

19. Passion

We are passionate about direct mail at every single step of the process, whether this is sorting data into a file that is the tidy and postal ready or calculating return on investment (ROI) for an advertising mailing. We drive only the best mailings that pass our high standard quality checks before leaving our depot and passed to Royal Mail.

20. Experience

We mail millions of bulk mail per year so you can be sure that our processes are streamlined to offer secure and fast turnaround mailings, sometimes the same day depending on capacity. Our systems are powerful, fast and efficient so we can turn proofs around quickly for clients.

21. Secure FTP file transfer

When our clients send files to us, we advise using our secure file transfer process (SFTP) so that your data and files get to us without any possible intersection. This provides data integrity for both our clients and the recipients on the mailing lists – something that many mailing houses don’t always comply with!

22. We are excellent!

Many times our existing customers have told us that we are excellent, efficient, and mail on time. We are proud of this huge achievement so let us take the work out of your next mailing and give us a try – you won’t be disappointed.

So there you have it, 22 reasons, facts and benefits of using The Direct Mail Company for you next mailing and utilising our cheap bulk postage rates to save revenue, time and costs.

If you wish to get a free quotation from us or discuss how we can fulfil your mailing, please call us on 0808 2533 797 or email


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