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What Is Bulk Mail?

Bulk Mail

What Is Bulk Mail?

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What is bulk mail in terms of sending letters and parcels?

It can be unclear to know exactly what is meant by the term bulk mail.

In this article, we clear up the confusion and explain everything you need to know about the term.

One of the very many services we offer here at The Direct Mail Company is bulk postage rates.

It is much more cost effective to send your mail in larger quantities than using stamps or franking your mail.

We explain more about this below…

What Is Bulk Mail?

Bulk mail is simply large volumes of mail being sent to different addresses, mainly for marketing purposes.

Mailing items may consist of letters, postcards, newsletters and other similar products.

It is generally used for marketing purposes where a business or organisation sends out information about new promotional offers, product launch, sales or deals etc. Sending mail in bulk allows you to take advantage of a cheaper postage rate.

What are Bulk Mail Postage Rates?

When sending large volumes of mail, postage is the biggest area you can save money on.

If you want to send large quantities of mail (volumes over 500) then you will benefit from bulk mail postage rates.

Bulk mail postage rates are cheap postage rates.

Here at The Direct Mail Company, our UK bulk postage rates are available for standard letters, large letters, packets and parcels.

We also offer the cheapest international postage rates covering 90% of the world.

Please read 22 benefits of our bulk postage rates for more information.

Bulk Mail Postage Rates from The Direct Mail Company

Here at The Direct Mail Company, our bulk postage rates are guaranteed to be cheaper than stamps, franking and mail mark franking.

Due to the high volume of mail, we send each year, we offer much lower postage costs than standard and franked bulk mail.

Just because we offer much lower postage rates for mass mailings doesn’t mean we compromise on quality.

We ensure your mail is delivered on time, every time using Whistl, Citipost, UKMail and Royal Mail to deliver the final mile, always.

95% of our customers who contact us about our bulk mail postage rates find that it is more effective for us to complete the whole mail fulfilment process, rather than franking their mail themselves.

Does your business stamp or frank more than 500 pieces of mail a week?

Please contact us on 0808 2533 841 or email to see how we can save you money on postage for your mass mail.


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