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Personalising Images in Direct Mail

Personalising Images in Direct Mail

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When discussing how to create successful direct mail, there is always a huge emphasis on the benefits of using personalisation.

It’s a fact that people are far more likely to buy from you if they feel that they are familiar with your brand and can trust you, which can be done by building a relationship through how you communicate within your direct mail campaigns.

There are many ways you can add that personal touch to your direct mail.

Many of these are simple techniques, like using the customer’s name to address them, which is much more personal than ‘homeowner’, and including personalised product recommendations so that the customer will feel like your company is taking a genuine interest in their purchase habits.

Another way that you can increase your return on investment with direct mail is through using image personalisation.

The Impact of Images and the Power of Personalisation

The use of imagery and personalisation are two great tools in their own right. Proven by the statistic that around 84% of customers have said that if a brand were unable to personalise offers based on the customer’s preference and purchase history, they would no longer buy from them.

In addition to this, a massive 98% of customers believe that the use of personalisation is very important.

However, you cannot understate the power of imagery either. Using an image is a brilliant way to capture a recipient’s attention as quickly as possible, in turn also appealing to the 65% of the population that are visual learners.

Why not combine these powerful techniques by using personalised images within your direct mail?

How do You Personalise Images in Direct Mail?

Any images you use with your direct mail campaign can be personalised in the same way you personalise the mail’s content. You have to break it down using demographic factors like:

  • Previous purchasing habits
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Feedback from previous campaigns you’ve run or used data you’ve gathered

How does this help you decide what images to use?

The majority of the male population will have a different preference to the female population, and the younger generation might not be able to relate to the same images as those a lot older than they can. Relating images to someone’s interests will make them much more likely to convert. If you’re aiming to convert lots of different people, variable data printing is what you’re looking for.

Using Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing is one of the most successful ways of enhancing the return on investment of a direct mail campaign. This allows for multiple variations of a mailshot to be printed, such as different content and colour and multiple images, all within a single batch of printing.

Using this method means you can appeal to multiple customers whilst still only printing the same number of items as if you were printing a batch of standard direct mail, costing you the same in terms of money and time.

Using the Direct Mail Company to Personalise Your Direct Mail:

By not personalising your direct mail, you can guarantee its chances of success will be massively decreased.

If you need help from a reputable mailing house, I’d like to gather the correct data to personalise your direct mail. 

In that case, for personalisation or information on our Bulk Postage services, don’t hesitate to contact us today – at


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