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Quick and Easy Ways To Personalise your Direct Mail

Personalised Direct Mail

Quick and Easy Ways To Personalise your Direct Mail

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You can personalise your direct mail in many different ways, so we’ve narrowed this down to the ones we think will be the most effective.

Personal Information- This is using personal information within your direct mail. It includes:

  • Gender- If it is likely that there would be a difference in gender response from your mailshot, tailor your direct mail to appeal to men and women individually.
  • Name and Address- This is the simplest form of personalisation. This shows awareness of your customer’s name and address and that it is not just a piece of mass mail. 

Personalised offers and Promotions-  This is using knowledge of your customer and their purchasing patterns to use direct mail to target them directly:

  • You could include an Offer- Include discount vouchers or coupon codes that relate to your customer and are personalised to their interests or past purchases.
  • Upselling and Cross-selling- Offer and promote upgrades and add-ons to the customer’s previous purchases and promote related products/services to previous purchases.

Segmenting your Customers- Segmenting your customer database will greatly help deliver a personalised direct mail campaign.

It would help if you practised how you segment your data so that you can personalise based on the segmented information, e.g. business to business customers should be treated differently from business-to-consumer customers.

You can segment your data by behavioural patterns like purchasing history or by where they live, by doing this promotes and develops brand loyalty.

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