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The Importance of Repetition and Campaign Follow up in Direct Mail Success


The Importance of Repetition and Campaign Follow up in Direct Mail Success

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Repeating successful direct mail campaigns is never a problem, just as long as you transform and tweak slightly beforehand.

The relationship between you and your customer is very important and vital to your success.

By repeating contact with your customer through different platforms, for example, over the phone, via email/direct mail or even face to face, your customer can establish familiarity and loyalty to your brand.

By combining several methods of customer relationship management with clever, informative and meaningful marketing, you can ensure that the customer will want to receive your mail.

People Love Repetition!

The human brain is programmed to be comfortable around anything we recognise.

Customers respond better to marketing messages from brands that they have a strong awareness of.

As repetition has been proven to be a success within direct mail, you could opt to send the same mailshot repeatedly over time to the same database.

However, it would be much better to vary your campaign and build onto or follow up past mailshot campaigns.

Using variation sparks interest and gives your direct mail an edge that will help to reinforce your brand.

One way to vary the mailshots you send would be to change the type of direct mail you use, for instance sending a postcard and then following this up with a letter later.

By varying the deals and offers you include in your campaign the customer will always have a reason to look and see what you’re offering this time

Brand Reinforcement and Multi-Channel Repetition

Multi-channel marketing campaigns are very effective.

For example, backing up a TV ad with a direct mail piece, which is a common example of an effective campaign usually driven by charities for themed campaigns.

You could also use multi-channel repetitive marketing to back up your direct mail campaign by sending marketing emails, pay per click adverts, billboard posters, newspaper ads etc.

The most important thing to do is to integrate your marketing campaigns as it is the most effective method of marketing. By integrating your campaigns, you can maximise your brand’s exposure; this will also make your customers more likely to notice you as you’re making your brand visible across a range of marketing channels.

If you have an interest in finding out how repetition and multi-channel marketing can help your next direct mail campaign, please feel free to get in contact with us the Direct Mail Company today or follow us on Facebook.


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