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How to Create the Perfect Mailshot


How to Create the Perfect Mailshot

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Sending the perfect mailshot doesn’t have to involve big budgets or large numbers, but it will involve planning and a little bit of imagination. Your mailshots need to maximise responses to ensure you get a great return on your investment.

Mailshots come in all different shapes and sizes from catching attention to clearly communicating your offer and what to do next.

We’ve put together 5 great tips to help make your next campaign as effective as possible.

Set Targets  

Results will determine if you have created an effective direct mail campaign which is why you want to set targets before. Firstly, you need to decide what you want to achieve. For most businesses, the target is sales, but others look for generating leads or build an active marketing database.

The targets you set will be used to measure the success of the campaign. For example, if you want to achieve a certain amount of sales, you can use this to determine the ROI of your direct mail campaign and see how this spend compares with alternative marketing spend.

Use Good Quality Data

You will need a database for the campaign, and the quality of this data will impact how efficient your campaign is. Ensuring the data, you are using is the best it can be for direct mail is often overlooked. Still, at The Direct Mail Company, we offer bespoke data processing services by cleansing your data and maximising ROI by filtering out poor data.

By removing all the poor data from your records, it ensures that you are not wasting postage as well as affecting your response rate. For this you may need to source data, to help you build up an active mailing list of genuinely interested potential buyers.

Creative Design

A direct mail campaign is an ideal opportunity to show off the creative side of your business. Everything from the envelop used to the ‘look and feel’ of the whole campaign. It’s a great opportunity to build a brand and develop a connection with your target audience.

Here at the Direct Mail Company, with our experience and expertise, we can craft the perfect mailshot for your business and also offer advice to ensure the campaign is successful.

Contain A Simple Offer

A mailshot is not just about posting existing brochures or leaflets; it needs to have a clear offer than cannot simply be refused. The message needs to be consistent throughout the mailer, which will give the recipient a reason to act now. Without a clear offer, the campaign is unlikely to succeed.

Make sure your offer is in a tone and language that your target audience will understand and prompt response.

Track The Campaign

Without putting appropriate tracking methods in place, there is no way to measure the success of the direct mail campaign. Therefore, there must be some tracking incorporated into the campaign—for example, a unique code, telephone number or personal URL. Test the tracking works before sending out any material and make sure you regularly review the response.

The Perfect Mailshot from The Direct Mail Company  

At the Direct Mail Company, we can craft the ideal mailshot for your business that looks both visually pleasing and engages with your audience. We aim to provide you with stress-free direct mail, allowing us to take control of your direct mail so that you can have confidence in a seamless service, with your mail printed, enclosed and delivered on time. Every time.

If you would like to find out more about how the Direct Mail Company can help you with your campaign, please contact us today on 0808 2533807 or email for an enquiry.


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