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Direct Mail Campaign Checklist

How to run a direct mail campaign

Direct Mail Campaign Checklist

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What is a direct mail campaign checklist?

With many businesses now choosing to contact their databases via the post, it is important you have a checklist when sending direct mail marketing campaigns to make sure you achieve your objectives.

Here is our Direct Mail Marketing Checklist to make sure your campaign goes to plan.

Direct Mail Marketing Checklist

Here is The Direct Mail Company’s direct mail campaign checklist to help you avoid common mistakes:

  1. Set Objectives – Decide what your objectives are going to be for the campaign. For example, maintaining customer relationships or generating new enquiries.
  2. Identify Your Target Audience – Who is the campaign going to be aimed at.
  3. Set A Budget – Decide how much budget you’re going to allocate for the campaign taking into consideration how much you need to spend to get a healthy return on investment.
  4.  Pick The Best Time – Decide what is the best day to send a direct mail campaign. You want to avoid sending the campaign on holidays and weekends where the recipient may not be at home.
  5. Create A Mailing List – Build a mailing list from existing customers and new prospects and keep it up to date, ensuring how you use and store the personal data complies with the Data Protection Act.
  6. Create The MailShot – Prepare, design and create the mailshot for your campaign. Ensure the design of the campaign is eye-catching with interesting content and a clear call to action so, it is obvious to the recipient what they need to do.
  7. Encourage Response Rates – Make it easy for the recipient to respond by offering an incentive.
  8. Send The Campaign – Mail out the direct mail campaign using DSA providers to ensure you get a cheap postage rate.
  9. Handle The Response –  You need to decide how you will handle the responses from the campaign. For example, if you need to make any preparations just as buy more stock.
  10. Track And Monitor The Success – Make sure you track and monitor the campaign so, you can evaluate how successful, or unsuccessful the campaign was against your aims and objectives.

The Direct Mail Company’s Direct Mail Campaign Checklist

The Direct Mail Company, is a professional mailing house based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

We specialise in the UK and International mail fulfilment services to a variety of small and large clients in the UK and overseas.

We provide an end to end service and aim to take the hassle out of direct mail by providing you with clear pricing, a dedicated account manager and your mail delivered on time, every time.

Our direct mail services include printing solutions, mail fulfilment and bulk postage rates.

By taking advantage of our bulk postage rates, you will save a significant amount of money on postage costs.

Due to the high volumes of mail, we send each year we will get you the lowest possible rates on bulk postage using DSA providers including Whistl, Citipost, UKMail.

These companies complete the sortation for Royal Mail which is how we achieve the lowest postage rates.

For more information on outsourcing your mailshot campaigns to The Direct Mail Company, please call us on 0808 156 0115 or email with your request.


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