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Fast Turnaround Direct Mail

Fast Turnaround Direct Mail

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Here at the Direct Mail Company we often get asked to fulfil last-minute jobs that need to be sent that same day or the next day, whether this is for complete fulfilment or an ad-hoc bulk mailing collection.

Here at the Direct Mail Company, we are experts in fast turnaround direct mail. We use a same day courier who will only collect your mail and bring directly to our warehouse.

We can turn jobs around very quickly with our production printers and high-speed mail enclosing machines that enclose around 4,000 items per hour which give us the ability to process high volumes of direct mail per day, ranging from simple A4 letters enclosed into an envelope or up to 9 inserts enclosed in one letter.

Sometimes our clients enclose the mail, and we collect from their business, and they benefit from our huge savings on postage. We apply the address from the excel file provided, the postage indicia and post. If the address is already applied be sure to follow the below:

  • Address labels should be applied straight with less than 5% skew. 
  • No blank lines between address lines.
  • Other than the postcode (which must be upper case) all other address files must be title cased.
  • No serif fonts should be used, these are fonts that have small lines, strokes or tails. Arial, OCR, Calibri, Tahoma or Verdana are good.
  • It is generally better for us to print the address directly to the envelope.
  • Character spacing – there should be a fixed pitch of between 10 and 12 characters per inch (or between 10 and 12 point size), with clear vertical gaps of at least 0.25mm between the extremities of adjacent characters 
  • Line spacing – allow uniform spacing between all lines of the address, of at least.
  • No punctuation is permitted, with the exception of job titles
  • Addresses MUST be left justified.
  • The line spacing of the block of text must be a minimum of 1mm and no more than 4mm.
  • There should be a white clear zone of 5mm all around the address.
  • The mailpack must be able to pass an S test, card back or ridged envelopes cannot be machine processed.

We work with our postal providers to get you the very best rates depending upon the size and weight of the items, which are significantly cheaper than Royal Mail / Franking prices.

Many companies, such as accountants and solicitors, require our mass mailing services; we collect their direct mail from their business enclosed and presented, ready for us to collect.

We hand this over to Royal Mail, and it is delivered with every other mail item sent in the system.

Why not try us for yourself?

Whether you have a bulk mailing for us to collect and mail via our bulk postage option, or if you have a transactional or advertising mailing, let us know, and we will get a quote over to you within 2 hours.

Whether you require fast turnaround direct mail or bulk postage, contact us today for a speedy response.


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