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Debt Collection – Transactional Mail

Debt Collection - Transactional Mail

Debt Collection – Transactional Mail

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Debt collection letters are a common use of transactional direct mail.

Businesses often send debt collection letters because of their physicality; it’s harder for organisations to ignore an urgent letter demanding immediate action.

Here at The Direct Mail Company, we can manage your business’ debt collection mailing process from start to finish giving you one less thing to worry about.

Debt Collection Mailing Process

Debt collection is letters requesting payment from long-term outstanding invoice transactions; the mailing process can be automated using The Direct Mail Company.

The debt collection mailing process includes the following:

Outsource Your Debt Collection Letters To A Mailing House

Outsourcing your debt collection transactional mail campaign to a professional mailing house will help take the hassle out of your hands.

They will manage the complete mail fulfilment of your transactional mail campaign from designing, printing, and enclosing to postage and distribution.

Here at The Direct Mail Company, we offer bulk postage rates for 500+ items we guarantee to be cheaper than stamps, franking and mail mark franking.

Due to the high volume of mail, we send out each year we can offer you bulk postage discounts on your transactional mail for volumes above 200. We are undoubtedly cheaper than Royal Mail and many other providers.

Debt Collection Services from The Direct Mail Company

The Direct Mail Company is a professional mailing house based in West Yorkshire, providing an outstanding direct mail fulfilment service to clients across the country.

We are specialists in the UK and International mail fulfilment for both transactional and advertising direct mail.

We provide a full service taking the hassle out of direct mail, providing you with clear pricing, dedicated account managers and your mail delivered on time, every time.

To contact us for more information on our debt collection services, please call us on 0808 2533 851 or email


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