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How to Create Exceptional Direct Mail

How to Create Exceptional Direct Mail

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Direct mail can have a massive impact on your audience. However, this relies on how well you choose to construct it.

Last year a report from the Royal Mail showed that 83% of people surveyed preferred to receive direct mail than E-mail- contrary to popular opinion, people still enjoy receiving ‘old fashioned’ mail!

Creating your Campaign

Not sure where to start? Research your best-selling products, find what your customers are most attracted to and create an offer they can’t resist based on that information- 62% of consumers enjoy receiving mail that contains relevant offers!

Not many people enjoy reading through lots of pages of information and can easily lose interest, so make sure your content is direct and to the point, and make it fast and easy for them to take advantage of what you’re offering them.

Creating your mail for your company can seem overwhelming, particularly if it’s something completely new to you. When creating your winning campaign, there’s a lot to think about, so it’s important to spend time planning and preparing to guarantee its effectiveness.

However, some companies do not have the time or the resources to do this themselves, so choosing a mailing house that offers a complete end-to-end service, saving time, stress and money, is a fail-safe plan.

Bringing your Direct Mail to Life

Once you’ve constructed your campaign, you can work with an experienced designer to make your direct mail distinctive straight off the doormat guaranteeing to keep your brand on their mind.

By working with a designer, you can ensure that you stay true to your brand and establish it by keeping your literature recognisable, as consumers are more likely to buy into a brand that feels familiar and trustworthy. After helping you develop and create your design, the direct mail specialists can then arrange the print to maximise your responses.

Direct Mail Fulfilment

Choosing the right mailing house that offers a complete end-to-end service guarantees full control over secure data handling, design, printing, enclosing and postage to high-quality standards.

By securing a reputable and cost-effective mailing house to manage your campaign, you can guarantee the use of the latest technology with intelligent software for highly sensitive documents, giving you peace of mind that the correct customers are receiving your mail.

A key part of sending direct mail, which is often overlooked, is a follow-up, getting in touch with your audience to check they received your mail and acted on it, and find out what they thought about it.

Doing this is priceless as it aids the improvement of your future direct mail campaigns, making them more effective and successful.

The Direct mail company aims to offer 5* customer service, as seen in the Trust Pilot reviews.

Did you know we also offer leaflet distribution? Send your postcode areas for a cost-effective marketing campaign, and we will do the rest. We use an outsider back-checking company to check up on your door-drop campaign.

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