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Transactional Direct Mail

Transactional Direct Mail

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Transactional mail can be highly personalised across several channels, as well as being used to reduce organisational costs and aid business continuity. But where is the proof and the statistics to show all of this?

Sending your transactional mail via Direct Mail vs Email

This is an important comparison to make as some transactional email will be expected and are very likely to be read, like a receipt from a recent online order, however other forms of transactional mail are more urgent and crucial. 98% of people sort through their transactional mail daily, whereas it average that 20% of people don’t even open their emails- meaning people are more likely to take immediate action on an invoice or debt repayment etc. if it is sent by direct mail rather than email.

Quick Stats on Mail vs Email-

  • 60% of people feel that direct mail keeps the brand in their mind
  • People have a much higher attachment to mail because it stays in their memory a lot longer
  • 63% of people believe a direct mail campaign is more serious than an email campaign (only 17% believe an email campaign is)
  • 39% of all households have a designated area to store and display mail

Sending Transactional Mail

Generally, there has been a decline in the amount of transactional mail that has been sent. This is due to most mail now being much easier to send by email, like order confirmations and parcel tracking details, which a customer does not need to receive via physical mail.

However transactional mail has at least 95% of all its recipients reading through any invoices, statements etc. that they receive. With email’s being so easily attainable nowadays, it’s easy for your inbox to become overloaded with emails every day, making a piece of physical transactional mail much more appealing and likely to evoke a response.

Quick Stats on Transactional Mail

  • Only 4% of people discard transactional mail without reading it
  • People spend an average of 2-3 minutes reading transactional mail compared to only 15-20 seconds reading a transactional email
  • By personalising transactional mail, it results in around a 14% higher rate of traffic generation than without personalisation, and 7% higher chance of a direct order.

Do you need our help making use of the many varied applications for transactional direct mail?

Whether you need help managing your data or a mailing house to take care of the physical printing and mailing of the transactional mail itself, we are here to help you.

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