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Direct Mail For Local Authorities

Direct Mail For Local Authorities

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If you are a local authority wanting more information on direct mailing services, national direct mail specialists, the Direct Mail Company, are here to help!

What is Direct Mail?

Direct mail is simply any marketing mail that is sent to an existing customer or a potential customer. It’s a very handy method used by many businesses and marketers to reach out to new audiences, as well as to expand their brand and their company. Direct Mail is proven to have a high ROI, making it an essential element to the success of countless campaigns.

Despite this, direct mail doesn’t have to be used for monetary purposes. Local authorities, as well as many other agencies and businesses, use direct mail services to inform citizens, deliver warnings and request action on certain issues.

How can the Direct Mail Company’s services assist you with your direct mailing?

There are four key ways in which we can help local authorities with their direct mail:

1- Prepare- We can help you design, plan and prepare your campaign. Some local authorities already know exactly how they want the campaign’s design to look. However, others want our expert advice and ask for our recommendations. We’ve helped several local authorities with their direct mailing campaigns in the past and use this experience within each new campaign.

2- Personalise- Personalising is technically part of the preparation; however, it is so important in the success of a direct mailing campaign that it earns its own section. Personalising direct mail is so effective, and a massive 98% of customers believe that the use of personalisation is a very important element of direct mail. The use of different colours and varied text are simple ways to impact an audience; we use methods like variable data printing to make sure that the greatest impression is made on your client.

3- Print and Pack-  We can bulk print your order and then package it however you like- providing stress-free direct mail. By bulk printing, we can deliver a far more cost-effective solution for your local authority as well as saving you lots of time by packaging your order too!

4- Fulfilment- In our fully internal mailing house, we work with leading postage providers in the UK and internationally so that we can make use of the most competitive rates and the fastest delivery times. We take the hassle out of direct mail, with clear pricing and dedicated account managers, we can guarantee that your residents and citizens get their mail delivered on time, every time.

Here at the Direct Mail Company, we aim to provide a stress-free direct mail, allowing us to take control of your direct mail so that you can have full confidence in a seamless service, with your mail printed, enclosed and delivered on time.

If you are a local authority looking for expert direct mailing services, the Direct Mail Company can help you.

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