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6 Key Tips to Increase Response Rates from Your Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail is one of the most effective techniques to engage with your customers, but if you’re still looking to increase your response rates, we’ve got 6 important tips to…

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Bulk Postage
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What To Consider Before Sending Bulk Mail

Are you thinking about taking a bulk mailing route with your marketing campaign? There are several factors you need to consider before sending out bulk mail, and we’ve listed everything…

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Direct Mail For Local Authorities

If you are a local authority wanting more information on direct mailing services, national direct mail specialists, the Direct Mail Company, are here to help! What is Direct Mail? Direct…

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Postcard Marketing
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Is Direct Mail Better Than Email?

With technology advancing at such a fast pace, it’s easy to think anything, and everything digital is the only way forward, leaving no room for old school marketing methods like…

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Transactional Direct Mail

Transactional mail can be highly personalised across several channels, as well as being used to reduce organisational costs and aid business continuity. But where is the proof and the statistics…

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Charity Direct Mail- A Very Successful Fundraising Method for Charities

Believe it or not, expanding a business and increasing profits is not the be-all and end-all of the uses for direct mail and direct marketing campaigns. Direct mail can also…

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Personalising Images in Direct Mail

When talking about how to create successful direct mail, there is always a huge emphasis on the benefits of using personalisation within it. It’s a fact that people are far…

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Transactional Mail- We Talk You Through 10 Uses

What is transactional direct mail? It describes mail that is sent out to complete a transaction or exchange with an individual customer; basically, any mail that is not for marketing…

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How to Create Exceptional Direct Mail

Direct mail can have a massive impact on your audience. However, this relies on how well you choose to construct it. Last year a report from the Royal Mail showed…

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solidor direct mail
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Solidor Direct Mail Case Study

This mailing for Solidor was a bespoke mailer that featured an edgy double gatefold square folded leaflet to promote their new door ranges to trade. We completed the complete direct…

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