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  • November 2, 2022

Leaflet Distribution Farnborough

Leaflet Distribution Farnborough

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Farnborough Leaflet Distribution Services

Leaflet drop campaigns can be a quick, cost-effective and affordable way to promote your Farnborough business to Farnborough customers.

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Leaflet advertising is great for any type of business, including restaurants, gyms, gardeners, estate agents and other businesses.

It can increase sales, raise awareness, and grow your brand.

Recent research shows that nine out of ten people would be happy to receive mail unaddressed from retailers. There are 110,000 people within 10 miles of Farnborough, so there are a lot of potential customers for you to tap into.

Royal Mail states that 92% of households have read leaflets in Farnborough.

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Door-to-door flyer delivery services in Farnborough areas

The Direct mail company Leaflet drops professional services make it easy to book a Farnborough campaign online. This will allow you to spend more time on your business.

With our smart targeting tool, you can locate your local audience and book high-quality print on various paper types.

You can also target your distribution with the targeted distribution.

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Farnborough Leaflet Distribution Statistics

Household Statistics

Nearly 110,000 people live within 10 miles of Farnborough. Our leaflet distribution services offer many opportunities to target this area.

This is how our targeting tool looks:

  • A large number of families live in 62,000 households.
  • Sectors with a high concentration of young couples, or independents without children, cover more than 70,000 houses.
  • Over 81,000 homes are located in high-density areas occupied by people in their later years.

Business Statistics

Because Farnborough is so close to London, Farnborough saw a steady increase in business opportunities last year. This means that effective advertising is more important to stand out from the rest of the competition.

  • Farnborough saw 515 new businesses in 2016, compared with 420 closing down.
  • 4,125 businesses were operating in Farnborough in 2017.
  • We distributed more than 500,000 leaflets within the Farnborough region last year.

Farnborough Leaflet Distribution Price

Prices for leaflet distribution vary depending on several factors.

  • Print or distribution?
  • Print formats
  • How much do you want to print
  • How much will you need to distribute

Leaflet drops usually cost around 7p per leaflet.

Leaflet Distribution Areas at Farnborough

Below are the Farnborough areas where we distribute leaflets:

Leaflet Distribution in Farnborough – GU

Guildford, Cranleigh and Godalming.

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