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How to run a direct mail campaign
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Direct Mail Campaign Checklist

What is a direct mail campaign checklist? With many businesses now choosing to contact their databases via the post, it is important you have a checklist when sending direct mail…

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Advantages & Disadvantages of direct mail
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Direct Mail For Car Manufacturers and Dealerships

The automotive is a fast-moving industry. There are constant changes in regulations for car manufacturers and dealerships. In this article, we highlight direct mail services for car manufacturers and dealerships.…

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Alternatives To Royal Mail For Letters
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Creating A Successful Mailshot Campaign

Mailshot campaigns have been used for many years as an effective way of easily contacting customers at an affordable price. There is a long history of successful direct mailshot campaigns.…

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What Are The Benefits Of Postcard Marketing?

What are the benefits of postcard marketing? There is a long history of successful direct mail campaigns using postcards. They allow you to create a clear, accurate message delivered straight…

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10 Benefits Of Sending A MailShot
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How To Improve Direct Mail Response Rates

Direct mail campaigns are one of the most effective ways to engage with consumers. When investing in a direct mail campaign, you want to do everything you can to increase…

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Alternatives To Royal Mail For Letters
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Direct Mail Glossary – Common Direct Mail Terms and Jargon

Are you thinking about sending your first ever direct mail campaign? There are a lot of complicated terms used in the mailing industry. Here at The Direct Mail Company we…

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Why Is Data Cleansing Vital for Successful Direct Mail 

Why is data cleansing vital for direct mail campaigns? The importance of cleansing your data before sending out a direct mail campaign cannot be overlooked. When you’re investing a lot…

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Direct Mail Solutions and Services
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Direct Mail Solutions and Services

Here at The Direct Mail Company, we offer a wide variety of direct mail solutions and services to small and large UK and International clients. In this article, we tell…

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Cheap Postage Rates
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How To Get Cheap Postage Rates For Business

How to get cheap postage rates for business? Here at The Direct Mail Company, we can get you cheap postage rates for your bulk mail. If you’re currently using stamps…

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Educational Printing Services
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Affordable Educational Printing Services

The Direct Mail Company is a specialist supplier to the education sector. Is your educational institute looking for good quality, cost-effective educational printing service? Look no further. We are based…

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