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postcard marketing
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How To Create An Effective Postcard Marketing Campaign

Postcard marketing is a smart strategy for promoting your business, product, service or event. There is a long history of successful direct mail campaigns and mail shots using postcards. By…

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Advertising direct mail
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Why Is Advertising Direct Mail Still Effective?

Advertising direct mail is a great way to get your compelling, targeted information straight in front of your audience. A well designed, persuasive, direct mail campaign sent to the right…

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International postage cost and rates
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International Postage Cost and Rates

At The Direct Mail Company, we pride ourselves on offering some of the most competitive international postage cost and rates in the industry. Direct mail is an effective way to…

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direct mail solutions
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Direct Mail Solutions

The Direct Mail Company is a professional mailing house offering a variety of direct mail solutions to small and large clients across the country. With our direct mail solutions you…

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Advantages & Disadvantages of direct mail
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Marketing

In this article we explain the advantages and disadvantages of direct marketing. There are many pros and cons of direct marketing you need to consider before starting a campaign. Advantages…

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Definition of Direct Marketing
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Definition of Direct Marketing

What is direct marketing? You may have heard the term mentioned before, but do you know what it actually means? Many people confuse direct mail and direct marketing, but they…

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Bulk Mail
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What Is Bulk Mail?

What is bulk mail? It can be confusing to know exactly what is meant by the term bulk mail. In this article we clear up the confusion and explain everything…

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Mail fulfilment company
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Choosing A Mail Fulfilment Company

What should you look for when choosing a mail fulfilment company?  If you are currently completing your direct mail fulfilment process in-house you’ll know that it can be both time…

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What Is A Mailshot?

What is a mailshot? You’ve probably heard the term mentioned before, but you may have some questions about what it actually means especially if you’ve never organised one yourself. In…

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Save Money on Direct Mail Campaign
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How to Save Money on Direct Mail Campaigns

How to save money on direct mail campaign costs? In this article we look at ways to save money on direct mail campaign. One of the main reasons why organisations don’t…

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