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Educational Printing Services
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Affordable Educational Printing Services

The Direct Mail Company is a specialist supplier to the education sector. Is your educational institute looking for good quality, cost-effective educational printing service? Look no further. We produce a…

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postcard marketing
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How To Create An Effective Postcard Marketing Campaign

Postcard marketing is a smart strategy for promoting your business, product, service or event. There is a long history of successful direct mail campaigns and mailshots using postcards. By sending…

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10 Tips To Increase Direct Mail Response Rates
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10 Tips To Increase Direct Mail Response Rates

Direct mail remains one of the most effective marketing techniques to engage with customers. If you’re looking for ways to increase your response rates, check out our ten key tips…

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direct mail solutions
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Direct Mail Solutions

The Direct Mail Company is a professional mailing house offering various direct mail solutions to small and large clients across the UK and Internationally. With our direct mail solutions, you…

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Alternatives To Royal Mail For Letters
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Direct Mail Glossary – Common Direct Mail Terms and Jargon

Are you thinking about sending your first-ever direct mail campaign? There are a lot of complicated terms used in the mailing industry. Here at The Direct Mail Company, we thought…

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10 Benefits Of Sending A MailShot
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How To Improve Direct Mail Response Rates

Direct mail campaigns are one of the most effective ways to engage consumers. When investing in a direct mail campaign, you want to do everything you can to increase your…

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How to run a direct mail campaign
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How To Run A Direct Mail Campaign

How to run a direct mail campaign? Direct mail campaigns are becoming increasingly popular since the GDPR began in May 2018, proving that direct mail is on the rise again,…

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Save Money on Direct Mail Campaign
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How to Save Money on Direct Mail Campaigns

How to save money on direct mail campaign costs? This article looks at ways to save money on a direct mail campaign. One of the main reasons why organisations don’t…

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Charity Direct Mail Fulfilment Service
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About Our Charity Direct Mail Fulfilment Service

Direct mail is an essential marketing technique for charities looking to improve brand awareness and increase donations successfully. Charity direct mail fulfilment service allows you to deliver your message and…

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Personalised Direct Mail
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Personalised Direct Mail Delivers Results

Every year businesses throw more and more money into digital marketing, but direct mail is still an effective marketing tool for your business. Direct mail marketing is one of the…

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