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Solidor Direct Mail Case Study

815 703 Myles Robinson

This mailing for Solidor was a bespoke mailer that featured an edgy double gatefold square folded leaflet to promote their new door ranges to trade.

We completed the complete direct mail fulfilment, with only the client-supplied artwork and data.

Job Background 

Solidor is a large UK door manufacturer that specialises in fantastic-looking composite doors for a wide range of homes and businesses.  The aim was to drive trade customers to enquire and become a retailer for Solidor.

Fulfilment Needs 

We were supplied with a print-a-ready PDF of the double gatefold leaflet, so once the job was confirmed, we printed that on 170gsm silk.

Once printed, we inkjet the personalisation to each flyer (name & address), which finally goes to get a small perforated disk to seal the leaflet so it does not come open in the postal process. We then handed the flyers over to Royal Mail, and they were delivered in 2 days, on time and as promised.


We were able to offer substantial discounts on bulk postage rates, so straight away, there were big savings to be had, as well as The Direct Mail Company was able to provide a mailer with a bespoke print job that is 590mm long when it is unfolded.

The mailer was a success for Solidor in welcoming new trade clients being exceeded and the mailing was very well received.

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