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Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is an effective and powerful way to share information about a product or service to prospects.

Direct Marketing Services

Direct marketing is a marketing method and form of advertising where companies deliver physical marketing materials to a group of customers or targeted prospects about a product or service they are offering. The main aim is to influence the customer or targeted prospect to perform a specific action.

There are a variety of different forms of direct mail businesses can send out to their target audience including, newsletters, flyers, postcard marketing, vouchers/discount codes, emailing marketing and text messages.

Benefits Of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing campaigns are a great investment for your business. Here are the advantages of direct marketing:

Reach Your Target Audience – Tailor your marketing message to specific to certain groups of customers and potential audience. For example, based on their buying habits or demographics. The more you target and tailor your campaign for your audience then the more successful your campaign will be.

Build Brand Loyalty – Build brand loyalty by continually sharing the brand’s message on different direct marketing channels.

Add a Personal Touch –  You can personalise your marketing message for your audience. Personalised direct mail will help to improve the response rates of your campaigns.

Measurable – You can measure and track the success of your campaign effectively by putting tracking measurements in place.

Affordable – Some marketing methods like postcard marketing, email marketing or social media marketing can be very cost-effective.

Informative – Marketing campaigns deliver detailed information on your business’ product and services straight to the eyes of recipients.

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Affordable Direct Marketing Services

The Direct Mail Company can provide direct marketing services such as creative and engaging campaigns that generate impact and response.  It can play an important role in the new business lead generation.

We have numerous years of experience within the industry, allowing us to develop our knowledge and expertise, meaning we can craft a successful tailored direct mail campaign which works for you.

Our main aim is to provide our clients with a fast turnaround, low cost and efficient direct marketing service. We will ensure your campaign reaches its destinations swiftly with maximum impact.

About Our Direct Marketing Services
bulk postage rates

Not only do we provide a range of direct marketing services, but we also offer bulk postage rates for your campaign. We can manage complete mail fulfilment of your direct mail campaign from print to delivery, and our bulk postage rates guarantee to be the most cost-effective solution to send your direct mail on a budget.

We use Whistl, Citipost, UKMail and Royal Mail to deliver our clients marketing campaigns, ensuring they get the best value for money without compromising on quality.

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