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Why Is Advertising Direct Mail Still Effective?

Advertising direct mail

Why Is Advertising Direct Mail Still Effective?

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Advertising direct mail is a great way to get your compelling, targeted information straight in front of your audience. A well designed, persuasive, direct mail campaign sent to the right people at the right time will help generate leads or boost sales for your business.

In this article we look at why advertising direct mail is so effective especially in a world full of digital forms of communication.

Why Is Advertising Direct Mail So Effective

With many organisations choosing to market their business using email, social media and other online channels you may ask if direct mail is still effective? Here at the Direct Mail Company, we believe when strategically integrating your direct mail campaign with your online channels it certainly. Here are our 5 reasons to consider sending advertising direct mail.

Reasons To Consider Advertising Direct Mail

Here are 5 reasons why your business should consider sending advertising direct mail:

  • It’s Direct – Advertising direct mail is a form of direct marketing (no surprises there it’s in its name). When mailing your database your organisation is making direct contact with the recipients.
  • It’s Personal – Direct mail allows you to add that personal touch to your campaign. Sending personalised direct mail is proven to improve response rates.
  • Highly Targeted Campaigns – Each direct mail campaign you send can be tailored for a specific audience. For example, you can send advertising campaigns for new prospects or long time customers. So, the you can tailor the campaign to your customers based on their buying habits.
  • Offers High ROI and Response Rates – A well managed advertising direct mail campaign is proven to provide a high return on investment due to the high response rates.
  • Easily Track Success – Sending a direct mail campaign gives you the ability to track its success. For example, counting the number of coupons redeemed, visitors to custom landing pages or enquiries generated. By tracking and analysing the results of your campaign, you can see what is working and if any changes need to be made for the next campaign.

Sending Your Advertising Direct Mail With The Direct Mail Company

The Direct Mail Company is a professional mailing house based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. We provide a wide range of direct mail fulfilment services to a variety of small and large clients across the country. At our UK based mailing house we heavily invest in the latest printers and enclosing machines, whilst keeping inline with GDPR regulations for secure mailings.

Many of our clients use us to save money on postage as we send millions of mailings per year, therefore we can pass the savings onto you with our great bulk postage rates. We use DSA providers and Royal Mail to deliver our clients mail shots ensuring they the best value for money without compromising on quality.

For more information on our direct mail solutions please call us on 01924 434394 or email with your request.


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