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Direct Mail and Mail Fulfilment Services

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The Direct Mail Company are specialists in UK and International direct mail fulfilment for both transactional direct mail and advertising direct mail. Our direct mail fulfilment is completed in-house at our Wakefield head office, where we can deliver full campaign management whether you require 500 or 500,000 mail pieces fulfilling.

Along with direct mail fulfilment, here at The Direct Mail Company, we offer bulk postage rates for mass mailing, returns management, data processing and much more. As well as direct mail, we provide email marketing services, Google AdWords, SEO and other lead generation services.

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We provide a wide range of direct mail services to
a variety of large and small clients around the UK.


From weekly or monthly invoicing to interest changes,
we provide a secure, professional and timely service.


We create high impact personalised advertising mail – We build bespoke
campaigns, proven to deliver results and provide businesses with a
wealth of opportunity.


Many clients simply use us to save on postage as we send millions
of items per annum, therefore we can pass on our savings to you.


We take the hassle out of direct mail – Clear pricing, dedicated
account managers and your mail delivered on time, every time.


We have invested heavily in the latest printers and enclosing machines,
utilising their intelligent software to guarantee the fulfilment and
protection of sensitive mailings.

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